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A ridge over hidden water

Ridges on Mars and Europa hint at past and present water. Distant dwarf planets are unexpectedly warm. And we’re working hard to help find life.

Far from predictable

Some things, like solar cycles, are hard to predict. Others, like Zoozve taking the world by storm, are even more unpredictable.

Cool and mysterious

A cool moon, a mysterious planet, and a potentially hazardous asteroid feature in this week’s space news roundup.

Go fetch!

A rover collects samples, future Mars Sample Return missions will retrieve them, and perhaps a robotic dog will play fetch somewhere along the way.

Twice as nice

Sometimes the Solar System offers up a planetary pair for our viewing enjoyment. Japan has a pair of missions in the news. And the Sun and Moon will pair up to create an eclipse in just 12 weeks.

Destination: Moon

Getting to the Moon — or any moon — isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. That’s why we speak up in support of the hard work that it’ll take to get there.

Visions of Venus

See our neighboring planet in radar and in artwork, and catch up on the week’s space news.

Happy Perihelion!

There’s lots to celebrate this week, from the New Year to perihelion and everything we’ve accomplished together during the last orbit.

Laser pointer + cat = science

Learn why NASA got a cat to chase a laser pointer, see the Uranus system like never before, and catch up on this week’s space news.

Getting around in space

Planets move around a star, spacecraft make their way across planets and through space, and Planetary Society members advance our mission.

Picks, pics, and peaks

Your picks for the Best of 2023, our favorite space pics, a mind-boggling peak speed, and more.

Gifts from above

Space exploration bestows us with many gifts, from scientific insights and beautiful images to technological marvels and inspiring achievements. Now it’s your turn to bestow some cosmic gifts.

Planetary paparazzi

Who needs candid celebrity snapshots? We’ve got all the best pics of your favorite planetary bodies.

Behold, the moon(s)!

With International Observe the Moon Night coming up, there are many moons worth checking out.

Syzygy + apogee = majesty

An annular solar eclipse is about to wow the world, and there’s plenty more to get excited about in space science and exploration this week.

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