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A planetary smash-up

A comet collided with Jupiter 30 years ago, and the resulting images still inspire awe and wonder today.

Rockets rock!

Rockets are an integral part of spaceflight, and this week they get the attention and admiration they deserve.

Now you see me…

Where and when to spot the ISS, learn what asteroids are made of, and search for life in the Cosmos.

Space superlatives

From the largest and most active volcanoes in space to the exoplanet with the “best hair,” this week is all about superlatives.

Old becomes new

A star will become visible in the night sky, and old data from Venus yield new discoveries.

Can you imagine?

From visionary technologies to unusual planetary views, this week’s Downlink will challenge your imagination.

Volcanoes are so hot right now

From Mars to Io, volcanoes top the list of hottest things in space right now — both literally and figuratively.

Scratching the surface

The latest news on missions to search for ice and water beneath planetary surfaces.

A sight to remember

For hundreds of millions of people, the Sun and Moon put on an astonishing show this week. Here are our eclipse highlights and more.

Keeping an eye on things

Measuring changes in the Moon’s size, watching for eruptions on the Sun’s surface, and monitoring budget developments.

Transits are cool, but…

A moon transiting the Sun is awesome, but still doesn’t quite compare to a total solar eclipse. Learn why, find out about Europa Clipper’s message in a bottle, and more.

Science to satisfy curiosity

The Curiosity rover is climbing a mountain to gain knowledge. Bringing back Mars samples will gain us even more.

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