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A sight to remember

For hundreds of millions of people, the Sun and Moon put on an astonishing show this week. Here are our eclipse highlights and more.

How do NASA and ESA work together?

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have a long-standing partnership that has resulted in spectacular science missions, including the James Webb Space Telescope and the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn.

Is Planet X/Planet Nine real?

Planet X and Planet Nine are planets that have, at one time or another, been thought to exist in our Solar System. Both were hypothesized to explain the orbital characteristics of smaller outer Solar System bodies.

Keeping an eye on things

Measuring changes in the Moon’s size, watching for eruptions on the Sun’s surface, and monitoring budget developments.

Is the Moon shrinking?

The Moon is shrinking in both actual volume and its apparent size from Earth’s perspective. We explain how scientists know this, why it happens, and how it might affect Earth.

Transits are cool, but…

A moon transiting the Sun is awesome, but still doesn’t quite compare to a total solar eclipse. Learn why, find out about Europa Clipper’s message in a bottle, and more.

Seizing upon syzygy

How scientists use total solar eclipses as opportunities to do solar science.

Science to satisfy curiosity

The Curiosity rover is climbing a mountain to gain knowledge. Bringing back Mars samples will gain us even more.

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