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With an eye to the future

Mars Sample Return’s future depends on what we do now. NIAC’s projects are very future-forward. And in many ways, the future is already here.

Equinox and equilux

Celebrate today’s equinox, but be sure to check when your location’s equilux takes place. And there’s lots to celebrate about this year’s Day of Action.

Lost and found

Some things are lost — Moon rocks, Io’s water, even (briefly) the Sun’s light — but what we find in space is so much greater.

Are your solar eclipse glasses safe?

A guide to how to make sure your solar eclipse glasses are safe and certified, plus tips on what to do — and what not to do — if you want to experience an eclipse without glasses.

See for yourself

See the month’s coolest space pictures, see planets in the night sky, and create the future in space that you want to see.

To the moon together

An interview with Scott Pace about the Moon’s role in internationally cooperative human space exploration.

A lunar saga

How the origins of the Moon could shape the future of human space exploration.


Exploring humanity’s long relationship with the Moon.

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