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Space superlatives

From the largest and most active volcanoes in space to the exoplanet with the “best hair,” this week is all about superlatives.

Europe goes to Mars

NASA and ESA have signed a partnership agreement to get the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover down to the surface of Mars, getting the mission back on track after geopolitical factors delayed it.

The Planetary Society remembers Ed Stone

Edward C. Stone, Caltech's David Morrisroe Professor of Physics, Emeritus, passed away on June 9 at the age of 88. Stone was a prominent figure in space physics and planetary astronomy, where he led numerous space missions and significantly advanced the field. He was also a cherished friend of The Planetary Society.

What DART has taught us so far

NASA's DART mission showed that if we detect a dangerous asteroid headed toward Earth, knocking it off course with a spacecraft is a potential option.

Far from alone

How exoplanet discoveries reshape the prospect of alien life.

Old becomes new

A star will become visible in the night sky, and old data from Venus yield new discoveries.

What are competed planetary missions?

A critical part of a balanced exploration program, competed missions are scientist-led projects that cost less and occur more frequently than large, flagship-class missions.

Can you imagine?

From visionary technologies to unusual planetary views, this week’s Downlink will challenge your imagination.

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