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Lunar success stories

The Odysseus spacecraft marks the return of U.S. landers to the Moon. JAXA wants you to help name an asteroid. And we’re speaking up for your place in space.

A ridge over hidden water

Ridges on Mars and Europa hint at past and present water. Distant dwarf planets are unexpectedly warm. And we’re working hard to help find life.

How to host an eclipse party

Hosting a solar eclipse-watching party is a fantastic way to share one of nature’s most awe-inspiring events with your friends and family. Here’s a guide to hosting a safe and memorable eclipse-watching party.

Far from predictable

Some things, like solar cycles, are hard to predict. Others, like Zoozve taking the world by storm, are even more unpredictable.

Become an Eclipse Explorer!

In anticipation of the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, The Planetary Society has partnered with the National Park Service to launch a new Eclipse Explorer Junior Ranger booklet.

Cool and mysterious

A cool moon, a mysterious planet, and a potentially hazardous asteroid feature in this week’s space news roundup.

Go fetch!

A rover collects samples, future Mars Sample Return missions will retrieve them, and perhaps a robotic dog will play fetch somewhere along the way.

What went wrong with Mars Sample Return

An edited transcript of an interview with Orlando Figueroa, chair of the independent review team that evaluated NASA's Mars Sample Return program.

Uranus' biggest unsolved mysteries

Distant, icy Uranus has puzzled scientists for decades. From its sideways spin to its mysterious magnetic field, the oddball world has many secrets waiting to be revealed.

Twice as nice

Sometimes the Solar System offers up a planetary pair for our viewing enjoyment. Japan has a pair of missions in the news. And the Sun and Moon will pair up to create an eclipse in just 12 weeks.

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