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Picks, pics, and peaks

Your picks for the Best of 2023, our favorite space pics, a mind-boggling peak speed, and more.

The best of 2023

The results are in for the Best of 2023! People around the world voted, and here are the winning space images, missions, exploration milestones, and more.

Gifts from above

Space exploration bestows us with many gifts, from scientific insights and beautiful images to technological marvels and inspiring achievements. Now it’s your turn to bestow some cosmic gifts.

How old is the Earth?

The Earth is thought to be about 4.54 billion years old. Learn more about how it formed, and how we know when this all happened.

Planetary paparazzi

Who needs candid celebrity snapshots? We’ve got all the best pics of your favorite planetary bodies.

Behold, the moon(s)!

With International Observe the Moon Night coming up, there are many moons worth checking out.

Syzygy + apogee = majesty

An annular solar eclipse is about to wow the world, and there’s plenty more to get excited about in space science and exploration this week.

How astronomers search for life on exoplanets

Technologies for studying planets around other stars are advancing all the time. Along with those advancements come new ways to look for possible signs of life on those planets.

How do humans try to communicate with aliens?

SETI is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, using various techniques to look for signals from advanced alien civilizations. METI (messaging extraterrestrial intelligence) is when we send out our own signals for aliens to find.

Cosmic cocktail hour

Jupiter looks fit for a martini, and Carl Sagan pairs well with a cosmopolitan. Find out why, and learn about the latest in space science and exploration.

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