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This Year's Best Space Gifts, According to Our Members

Shopping for someone who loves space? Here's our 2020 gift guide.

Can the Moon be upside down?

When you think about how the Moon looks in the night sky, you might never have considered that it looks different to people in other parts of the world. But really, perspective is all relative.

What Are Your Space Life Goals?

The Planetary Society wants your ideas for building the ultimate list of must-do space experiences.

Getting an Opportunity to Give Your Presentation

Want to give a presentation on behalf of The Planetary Society in your community? We have tips and tricks for you!

Organizing a Watch Party

Watch parties are a fun and informal way to bring together space fans and the public to experience the excitement of space exploration.

A New Era for Canada-U.S. Space Cooperation?

On 7 September, down the street from the NAFTA meetings in Washington D.C., the Canada Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars hosted a meeting of many thought leaders from both countries to discuss a point of uncertainty in the Canada-United States relationship: collaboration in space.

Planetary Society Volunteers are Candles in the Dark

After a bewildering day at AlienCon, a New York Times reporter found hope at The Planetary Society, courtesy of volunteer Sean Marquez.

Bill Nye and Prime Minister Trudeau talk Canada's future in space

The Planetary Society will be at the planning table when Canada's space community regroups after the latest budget release.

What does the 2018 Canadian federal budget mean for space?

After more than a year of high hopes, there is no daring new vision for Canada in space.

Celebrating Our Volunteers

December 5th is International Volunteer Day, and The Planetary Society has many reasons to celebrate...3,652, to be exact!

Upward bound: Canada's Space Advisory Board provides its recommendations

Canada's Space Advisory Board has provided a clear set of recommendations to advance the country's space program, and The Planetary Society is proud to have played a role in the process.

The Planetary Society’s Canadian Initiative

It’s an exciting time for Canada in space. It’s also an exciting time for Canadian space advocacy, as The Planetary Society's Global Community Outreach Manager Kate Howells describes.

We’re building the STEAM Team!

We know, as well as you do, that if we want to see a great future – one where humans explore, understand, and benefit from space – we need to invest right now in the people who will be leading the way. To empower the world’s youth, we need to educate them. And to educate them, we need to inspire them.

Our Global Volunteers: December 2015 Update

As 2015 wraps up, The Planetary Society celebrates yet another year of public outreach.

Our Global Volunteers: July 2015 Update

The Planetary Society's volunteers around the world have been busy these past few months, with all the excitement surrounding Asteroid Day, the LightSail test mission, the New Horizons and Dawn missions, and other space milestones!

The Planetary Society at Earth Day NYC

Volunteer Network Coordinator Kate Howells reports on our first time participating in New York City's enormous Earth Day celebration.

Our Global Volunteers: February 2015 Update

The Planetary Society has amazing volunteers doing outreach work around the globe. Check out what they've been up to recently!

Our Global Volunteers: December 2014 Update

The Planetary Society’s Global Volunteer Network has been busy these past few months!

Planetary Society Canada Update

Canadian National Coordinator Kate Howells provides an update on the state of the Society's Canadian initiative.

The Planetary Society takes on Canada

The Planetary Society’s work beyond the United States is still not nearly as extensive as it is in the Society’s home country. But we are making some huge steps towards changing that, starting with Canada – America’s neighbor, NASA’s partner, and the home of almost eighteen hundred Planetary Society members.

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