Exploring space is easy for people of all ages! 

Below are some fun videos and activities to introduce kids to how cool and crazy space can be, and how they can learn more about our amazing universe.  

"Dear Members,

As a science educator, I like to point out that virtually any subject area of science has a connection to outer space. I’m talking about biology, chemistry, geology, paleontology, human physiology, physics, astrophysics, and horology (reckoning of time). Each of these vital areas of study applies to how we go about exploring space—how we design spacecraft, build telescopes and drive rovers on other worlds. We produced these pages for The Planetary Report a few years ago."

— Bill Nye - CEO, The Planetary Society

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Moon Rocks with BILL NYE! A special episode of...Grandpa Space Pants??

How big is our Milky Way? Is our solar system really that small? Dr. Bruce Betts has this week's Random Space Fact.