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Available courses

The search for life

Learn about the search for life beyond Earth and how you can contribute to it.

Explore the Search for Life beyond Earth and learn how you can actively contribute to efforts to discover life elsewhere in the Universe. Featuring leading scientists and NASA experts, this course will take you on a tour of the galaxy to uncover how humanity is working to answer the age-old question: Are we alone? Along the way, you’ll hear about everything from Earth-like worlds and icy moons to Mars missions and UAP. 

The search for life
The search for life Image: Sujeet Singh

Solar and lunar eclipses

Everything you need to know about eclipses to appreciate and share them with others

This course, taught by The Planetary Society’s Senior Communications Adviser, Mat Kaplan, will teach you about all the different kinds of solar and lunar eclipses, how they work, why they’re scientifically interesting, and how you can best enjoy and appreciate them. Quizzes and assignments throughout the course will help you become more confident sharing your eclipse knowledge with others.

Annular eclipse
Annular eclipse An annular eclipse seen through a solar telescope in 2014. You can see solar prominences erupting from the Sun’s surface.Image: Stefan Seip/NASA.

Space Advocacy 101

Learn how to be a top-performing space advocate

This course, taught by The Planetary Society’s Chief of Space Policy, Casey Dreier, will help you become a top-performing space advocate. Through videos, written content, quizzes, and assignments, you will learn about the internal workings of NASA, how Congress develops major space legislation, and the best communication strategies for engaging with your elected officials in support of space science and exploration.

Planetary Society members on Capitol Hill during the 2023 Day of Action
Planetary Society members on Capitol Hill during the 2023 Day of Action Image: The Planetary Society

Asteroid Defense 101

An introduction to asteroids, impacts, and what we can do to prevent them

This course, taught by The Planetary Society’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Bruce Betts, will introduce you to the threat of asteroid impacts, the history of asteroid impacts on Earth, asteroids and comets in general, and The Planetary Society's five-step plan to prevent impacts. At the end of the course you'll be presented with resources to learn more, and encouraged to share what you've learned with others.

A Near-Earth Object
A Near-Earth Object This artist's impression shows a large asteroid passing close by the Earth.Image: Getty Images