Planetary Kids

At-home activity sheets

"Dear Members,

As a science educator, I like to point out that virtually any subject area of science has a connection to outer space. I’m talking about biology, chemistry, geology, paleontology, human physiology, physics, astrophysics, and horology (reckoning of time). Each of these vital areas of study applies to how we go about exploring space—how we design spacecraft, build telescopes and drive rovers on other worlds. We produced these pages for The Planetary Report a few years ago.

With so many of us having to stay home from school these days, you and your family may be able to make good use of the lessons and demonstrations (home experiments) here. I believe they can help all of us learn more about the cosmos and our place within it. If you have time with all the other things you have to do these days, let me know how you like them. And, be safe out there."

— Bill Nye
CEO, The Planetary Society

MarsDials and EarthDials (PDF)

Make your own MarsDial

Game of Planetary Hide and Seek (PDF)

Make a exoplanet hunting demonstration

Brrr! Cold Planets (PDF)

See why Mars is a bit cooler inside than our Earth

Inverse Square Law & Living Things on Mars (PDF)

See how two houseplants can demonstrate inverse square law

Why is Mars Orange? (PDF)

You can make your own Mars rock–inspired rusty red chemical reaction

Regoliths are Cool...Like a Cookie! (PDF)

A cookie recipe that's out of the this world

Those Wild & Wacky Light-Gatherers (PDF)

Demonstrate how a telescope sees light

Steering Our Spacecraft (PDF)

Steer your own spacecraft with a paper plate force maker

Life on Other Worlds? (PDF)

An at-home activity to demonstrate the conditions for life

Too Hot or Too Cold in Space? (PDF)

Demonstrate radiant heat at home