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Picks, pics, and peaks

Your picks for the Best of 2023, our favorite space pics, a mind-boggling peak speed, and more.

Gifts from above

Space exploration bestows us with many gifts, from scientific insights and beautiful images to technological marvels and inspiring achievements. Now it’s your turn to bestow some cosmic gifts.

Planetary paparazzi

Who needs candid celebrity snapshots? We’ve got all the best pics of your favorite planetary bodies.

Behold, the moon(s)!

With International Observe the Moon Night coming up, there are many moons worth checking out.

Syzygy + apogee = majesty

An annular solar eclipse is about to wow the world, and there’s plenty more to get excited about in space science and exploration this week.

Cosmic cocktail hour

Jupiter looks fit for a martini, and Carl Sagan pairs well with a cosmopolitan. Find out why, and learn about the latest in space science and exploration.

With an eye to the future

Mars Sample Return’s future depends on what we do now. NIAC’s projects are very future-forward. And in many ways, the future is already here.

Equinox and equilux

Celebrate today’s equinox, but be sure to check when your location’s equilux takes place. And there’s lots to celebrate about this year’s Day of Action.

Lost and found

Some things are lost — Moon rocks, Io’s water, even (briefly) the Sun’s light — but what we find in space is so much greater.

See for yourself

See the month’s coolest space pictures, see planets in the night sky, and create the future in space that you want to see.


From asteroid impacts to spacecraft landings (whether successful or not), the Moon is no stranger to being struck.

Storms and showers

Mars has storms of dust, while Saturn pours down ammonia rain. Here on Earth, we passed through a debris tail to get a special kind of shower.

Hasta la vista, baby

Terminators abound this week in space, and we’ll be back to Mars if NASA gets the budget it needs.

Far out, man!

Faraway spacecraft, distant objects, the lunar farside, and a pretty out-there art project.

Aquatic equivalencies

From searching for life to training for spaceflight, water is an essential part of space exploration.

That’s a mare

An unusual lunar feature, Saturn’s shining rings, and Mars’ complex gullies.

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