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Space Missions

The Planetary Society's vision is to know the cosmos and our place within it. Our experts closely follow the world's space exploration missions, producing resource pages, news briefs, and updates you won't find anywhere else.

Where We Are

Updated with quarterly releases of The Planetary Report. We also publish Where We Are in video form!

Where We Are on 1 July 2019

Loren Roberts for The Planetary Society after a concept by Olaf Frohn

Where We Are on 1 July 2019
From the July Solstice issue of The Planetary Report.

Active Missions

Apollo 50th Anniversary Pages

We're celebrating each Apollo mission's 50th launch anniversary with a brand new resource page.

All Missions

Missions to Venus and Mercury

A list of key dates and basic facts on all the missions that have explored Venus and Mercury.

Missions to the Moon

A timeline of missions to the Moon.

Missions to study the Sun

Spacecraft that study our dynamic Sun and help us understand how it affects our planet.

Missions to Mars

The missions, both successful and failed, that have flown by, orbited, or landed on the Red Planet and its moons

Missions beyond Mars

The spacecraft that have traveled to asteroids, outer planets, comets, and beyond

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