Celebrating Apollo at 50

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Half a century has passed since humans first set foot on the Moon. Remarkably, the achievements of Project Apollo remain unmatched: no nation or organization has yet to return humans to the lunar surface or even to orbit above it. It remains a singular achievement.

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Limited-Series Podcast: A Political History of Apollo

A Political History of Apollo

A podcast that goes beyond the flags and footprints. Dive into the politics of why the United States decided to send humans to the Moon—and why the nation pulled back after landing only six times.

A Political History of Apollo is a limited-series podcast about why the United States went to the Moon, and why it stopped. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and more.


Apollo Mission Pages

Apollo 7, 11 Oct 1968
Apollo 8, 21 Dec 1968
Apollo 9, 3 Mar 1969
Apollo 10, 18 May 1969
Apollo 11, 16 July 1969
Apollo 12, 14 November 1969
Apollo 13, 11 April 1970
Apollo 14, 31 January 1971
Apollo 15, 26 July 1971
Apollo 16, 16 April 1972
Apollo 17, 7 December 1972

Project Apollo

Starting with Apollo 7 in 1968 and culminating with Apollo 17 in 1972, NASA launched 33 astronauts on 11 Apollo missions. Twelve humans walked on the Moon.

From The Planetary Report Archives

The Gift of Apollo
Carl Sagan, June 1994.
Planetary Society founder Carl Sagan was intimately involved in the Apollo program. In this essay he reflects on the meaning of those first steps on the Moon, 25 years after the fact.

While We Weren't Watching: Apollo's Scientific Exploration of the Moon
Andrew Chaikin, June 1994.
Andrew Chaikin, author of A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts highlights some of the extraordinary scientific contributions provided by Project Apollo.

Beyond Apollo: Where Next in Space?
Buzz Aldrin and Louis Friedman, July 2009
Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Planetary Society founder Louis Friedman argue that now is the time for humans to go beyond the Moon.

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How the Apollo missions transformed our understanding of the Moon’s origin

Where did the Moon come from? The origin of our cosmic neighbor is a fundamental question in planetary science.

Reconstructing the Cost of the One Giant Leap

How much did Project Apollo cost? Planetary Society experts answered that question by revisiting primary sources and reconstructing Apollo's entire cost history from 1960 - 1973.