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May 16, 2000

[email protected] Achieves 2 Million Mark by First Birthday

[email protected], co-sponsored by The Planetary Society and the University of California, Berkeley, achieves two milestones: its first anniversary and having just passed the 2 million participants mark.

May 11, 2000

Last Chance to Become a Student Scientist with Red Rover Goes to Mars

The Planetary Society's Red Rover Goes to Mars program will soon select Student Scientists to join the space science team of an actual Mars mission.

Apr 24, 2000

The Planetary Society Announces Flight Tests of Winning Student Experiments

Two winning experiments from The Planetary Society's Student NanoExperiment Challenge are smaller than a dime, yet can investigate an alien world.

Mar 28, 2000

Planetary Society Calls for Cool Heads in Heated NASA Debate

NASA seems ready to postpone the next Mars lander mission from 2001 to 2003, and the Mars sample return mission, previously scheduled for 2005, will be restructured. However, the Mars orbiter planned for launch in 2001 still seems on track.

Feb 03, 2000

Planetary Society Celebrates NEAR's Tryst with Eros

When the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft arrives at an asteroid called Eros, The Planetary Society, in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, will host two special events in Laurel, Maryland.

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Rotatin' Ryugu!

Hayabusa2 continues to approach asteroid Ryugu, revealing the 900-meter-wide world in all its glory.

NASA's 2019 Budget Takes Shape

The Senate and House have now released details of how they would fund NASA in 2019. Check out the good, bad, and ugly in these proposals and learn what happens next.

Favorite Astro Plots: The Pyroxene Quadrilateral

Petrology is a field of science in which scientists study the compositions of rocks and minerals and interpret their geologic history. A common graph petrologists use is the “pyroxene quadrilateral.” These graphs, like photos of space, can reveal an understanding of the remotest parts of the solar system.

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Bill Nye Head Shot - Dark
Bill Nye Head Shot - Dark Image: F. Scott Schafer
Bill Nye and the World
Bill Nye and the World Image: F. Scott Schafer
Bill Nye with LightSail Model
Bill Nye with LightSail Model Image: F. Scott Schafer
Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society
Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society Image: F. Scott Schafer

The Bruce Murray Space Image Library

The Planetary Society’s Bruce Murray Space Image Library is a unique collection of photos and videos from the world’s space agencies, as well as artwork, diagrams, and amateur-processed space images, many of which are not available elsewhere.