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Aug 23, 2000

Buzz Aldrin, Ray Bradbury and Bill Nye Highlight Planetary Society Program on National Public Radio

"Human Exploration of Space: Fact & Fiction" will feature interviews with a variety of guests well known in the worlds of science and science fiction.

Aug 08, 2000

The Planetary Society Takes the Lead in Sponsoring Renowned [email protected] Project: New Alliance Ensures Project's Continuance

The Planetary Society announced today that it will assume the lead sponsorship role for [email protected], ensuring the project will continue to operate.

Aug 08, 2000

Project Voyager And The Planetary Society form Strategic Alliance

The 21st century integrated media network, code-named Project Voyager, announced today the formation of a strategic alliance with The Planetary Society.

Jul 28, 2000

Don't Cancel Mission to Pluto: The Planetary Society Begins Public Campaign

NASA and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) may be seriously contemplating the cancellation of the Pluto Express mission now in development by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Jul 27, 2000

The Planetary Society Welcomes NASA's Plan to Send a Rover to Mars

NASA announced today that the 2003 mission to Mars will include a lander carrying a rover for Mars surface exploration -- possibly even two rovers.

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Mastcam-Z Team Blog: A Special Team Photomosaic

Mastcam-Z will help the Mars 2020 rover explore the surface of Mars. Dozens of amazing scientists and engineers from across the globe contribute to the development of Mastcam-Z. This year, the team photo was taken with our very own Mastcam-Z testbed unit.

A second successful medium-altitude operation for Hayabusa2

For the second time, JAXA navigators have zoomed their cameras and other instruments in on asteroid Ryugu. The August 1 operation was quicker than the previous one, requiring only 26 hours for the descent, science, and ascent.

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Bill Nye Head Shot - Dark
Bill Nye Head Shot - Dark Image: F. Scott Schafer
Bill Nye and the World
Bill Nye and the World Image: F. Scott Schafer
Bill Nye with LightSail Model
Bill Nye with LightSail Model Image: F. Scott Schafer
Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society
Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society Image: F. Scott Schafer

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