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Oct 16, 2000

Planetary Society Steps Up Pluto Campaign to Convince Congress to Save NASA's Mission

The Society will hand-deliver over 5000 pieces of mail supporting the Pulto-Kuiper Express mission to Representative Dana Rohrabacher and Senator Bill Frist.

Oct 02, 2000

Student Scientists from Around the World Win Spots on Red Rover Goes to Mars Team

Ranging in age from 10 to 15, the winners -- four girls, five boys -- will select a possible landing site on Mars for some future sample return mission.

Sep 28, 2000

Planetary Society Kicks Off First World Space Week with Major Events

The Planetary Society will kick off the first World Space Week on October 4, 2000 with events at the United Nations and Hayden Planetarium in New York City, and at the Observatorio Nacional in Rio de Janeiro.

Sep 22, 2000

Planetary Society Urges Congress Not to Put Pluto on Ice

The Society's campaign to save the Pluto-Kuiper Express has generated messages from Society members throughout the United States to their congressional representatives supporting the 2004 launch,

Aug 23, 2000

Buzz Aldrin, Ray Bradbury and Bill Nye Highlight Planetary Society Program on National Public Radio

"Human Exploration of Space: Fact & Fiction" will feature interviews with a variety of guests well known in the worlds of science and science fiction.

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NASA's Kepler space telescope helped us find our place in the cosmos.

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