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How Can We Find New Planets?--Consider the Following With Bill Nye

Astronomers have discovered hundreds and hundreds of exoplanets--worlds circling faraway stars. Bill Nye shows us one of the ways they find these planets that are still too distant to be seen by even the most powerful telescopes

Sun Hot. Space Cold. What To Do?--Consider the Following With Bill Nye

Space is very, very hot, except when it's very, very cold. How do we protect expensive spacecraft from these extremes? Bill Nye is hot on the trail.

Why Does Air Glow at the North and South Poles?--Consider the Following With Bill Nye

Bill Nye takes us to the top (and bottom) of the Earth to explain the stunning beauty of auroras.

Why Does My Shadow Change Color?--Consider the Following With Bill Nye

Why Does My Shadow Change Color? Bill Nye sheds some colorful light on this shady topic.

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LightSail 2

LightSail 2 launched aboard the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. Be part of this epic point in space exploration history!


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