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The best gift ideas for space fans in 2022

2022 Gift Guide
2022 Gift Guide Image: Collage by Merc Boyan/The Planetary Society

Fire up your keyboards: the gift-giving season is once again upon us.

We put together a cosmically delightful gift guide to make your holiday shopping a little easier — at least for the space fans in your life. Besides, there’s no better gift than igniting someone’s passion for space, right?

Here are our space gift recommendations this year, hand-picked by The Planetary Society space family:

Space fashion and accessories

JWST Deep Field Umbrella
JWST Deep Field Umbrella Science Socks' JWST Deep Field (SMACS 0723) umbrella.Image: Science Socks

Deep field umbrella

Literally “unfold the Universe” with this snazzy umbrella from Science Socks. It’s got JWST’s deep field image printed on it, so even if you’re bummed about the rain you can still marvel at the galaxies above your head.

Emily Lakdawalla's space jewelry
Emily Lakdawalla's space jewelry Jewelry for space lovers.Image: Emily Lakdawalla

Emily Lakdawalla’s space jewelry

The Planetary Society’s former senior editor and planetary evangelist Emily Lakdawalla makes wearable art that is sure to dazzle any space enthusiast.

“I’m always pulled between aesthetics and education, basing my designs on the colors, brightnesses, sizes, and distances of real worlds,” Emily told us. “Just like with my writing, I like to think I serve the people who are especially enthusiastic about space. I always tell people that my jewelry is ‘even geekier than you think.’”

JWST Carina Nebula Dress
JWST Carina Nebula Dress The Planetary Society's Editorial Director Rae Paoletta wearing Startorialist's JWST Carina Nebula Dress.Image: Rae Paoletta/The Planetary Society

Carina Nebula skater dress

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Startorialist, who seamlessly blend science and style. Their Carina Nebula skater dress — which uses the real JWST Cosmic Cliffs image released earlier this year — is buttery soft and super flattering. It’s a stellar showstopper no matter what the occasion.

Cosmic baby romper
Cosmic baby romper Kyte Baby's space romperImage: Kyte Baby

Romper in space print

Kyte Baby has a line of astronaut and Saturn-printed rompers for the littlest space fans in our lives. They also have a constellation-printed zippered romper for tiny stargazers.

Moon hair clip
Moon hair clip This hair clip features five phases of the Moon.Image: Yugen Handmade

Moon phase hair clip barrette

This elegant hair clip from Yugen Handmade features five phases of the Moon. It instantly amps up every outfit.

"The beauty and wonder of the Cosmos is brought to my celestial designs as a wearable celebration," Yugen Handmade designer Lauren Beacham tells us.

Drake equation T-shirt
Drake equation T-shirt This tee is a Planetary Society staff favorite.Image: ChopShop

Drake Equation T-Shirt (Men's & Women’s cuts)

ChopShop’s Drake Equation T-shirt is a terrific present for anyone interested in the search for life beyond Earth.

“You can celebrate the life of Frank Drake and his famous method for estimating the number of galactic civilizations with this distinctive tee,” says our Chief Advocate & Senior Space Policy Adviser Casey Dreier. “There’s no better holiday conversation starter than working through each term and debating the length of L with family and friends.”

Gold Saturns with Druzy
Gold Saturns with Druzy These Saturn necklaces sparkle like the planet's icy rings!

Rachel Pfeffer Saturn necklace

Maryland-based designer Rachel Pfeffer has a line of Saturn-based jewelry and cufflinks for space lovers who like some extra shimmer. The pieces come in a variety of stones including turquoise, lapis lazuli, abalone, and more.

“Rachel Pfeffer’s work always manages to be elegant and playful, and these Saturn pendants are absolutely both,” says comedian and space enthusiast Josh Gondelman. “I buy so much of Rachel’s jewelry as gifts for people in my life, and they’re always thrilled!”

Books and music

Note: You can find independent bookstores near you using IndieBound’s search tool here.

Searching Beyond the Stars: Seven Scientists Take On Space's Biggest Questions
Searching Beyond the Stars: Seven Scientists Take On Space's Biggest Questions By Nicole Mortillaro. Illustrated by Amanda KeyImage: Annick Press

“Searching Beyond the Stars” by Nicole Mortillaro. Illustrated by Amanda Key

Amateur astronomer, author, science reporter, and Planetary Society member Nicole Mortillaro has an inspiring new book highlighting some of the remarkable women in space science.

"I was approached by [book publisher] Annick Press with an idea of writing about influential women in space and astronomy," Nicole tells us. "But we didn't want to do something that only looked at the work of women in the past. I suggested that we instead look mainly forward: to the women of today who are working to advance our knowledge about the Universe around us and who are an inspiration to the next generation of girls. Women's contributions to astronomical research have long been overlooked, and it's time we fix that."

Project Hail Mary Book Cover
Project Hail Mary Book Cover Book cover for Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

"Project Hail Mary," by Andy Weir

For bookworms who enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, The Planetary Society’s Mat Kaplan recommends Andy Weir’s latest book, which is set to become a movie.

“You can count on finding at least one good laugh and one brilliant innovation on nearly every page of this terrific science fiction novel by the author of The Martian,” Mat says. “A reluctant hero must save humanity as he discovers we are not alone.”

Discovering Mars: A History of Observation and Exploration of the Red Planet
Discovering Mars: A History of Observation and Exploration of the Red Planet by William Sheehan and Jim Bell

"Discovering Mars: A History of Observation and Exploration of the Red Planet" by William Sheehan and Jim Bell

This deep dive into Mars’ past, written by historian William Sheehan and planetary scientist Jim Bell, is a must-have for red planet enthusiasts. (Full disclosure: Jim is on The Planetary Society’s Board of Directors.)

Solar System Reference for Teens: A Fascinating Guide to Our Planets, Moons, Space Programs, and More
Solar System Reference for Teens: A Fascinating Guide to Our Planets, Moons, Space Programs, and More By Bruce Betts

"Solar System Reference for Teens: A Fascinating Guide to Our Planets, Moons, Space Programs, and More" by Bruce Betts

We’ve got a great read for teens interested in space. The Planetary Society’s Chief Scientist and LightSail Program Manager Bruce Betts’ latest book dives into the fascinating worlds of our Solar System. It’s informative, accessible, and super entertaining.

"My other books have focused on introducing space to younger audiences, and I was excited about the opportunity to write for young adult readers," says Bruce. "This new book allowed me to go into more detail while still sharing the wonder of the Solar System and the excitement of space exploration."

The Moons Symphony
The Moons Symphony Composed by Amanda Lee FalkenbergImage: Signum Records

"The Moons Symphony"

"The Moons Symphony" is a soul-stirring journey through the Solar System composed by Amanda Lee Falkenberg and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra under Marin Alsop and the London Voices. It includes seven movements, each inspired by a moon in our cosmic neighborhood, and features liner notes by our very own Planetary Radio Host Mat Kaplan.

Cosmos: The Art and Science of the Universe
Cosmos: The Art and Science of the Universe By Roberta J.M. Olson and Jay M. Pasachoff

"Cosmos: The Art and Science of the Universe" by Roberta J.M. Olson and Jay Pasachoff

Creative types will enjoy this engrossing large-format book about the intersection of art and astronomy across human history.

Space Atlas, Second Edition: Mapping the Universe and Beyond
Space Atlas, Second Edition: Mapping the Universe and Beyond by James Trefil with a foreword by Buzz Aldrin

"Space Atlas, Second Edition: Mapping the Universe and Beyond" by James Trefil with a foreword by Buzz Aldrin

Reading this book feels like taking a stroll through the Universe. The author of this gift guide can personally vouch for this one as she gifted it to a good friend who is interested in astrophotography.

“Other atlases would probably sell better if they also included entries on Neptune and black holes, but until they do, this is the one you want,” says Matt Levin (the space fan and friend in question).

Toys, decor, and more

Celestial buddies group photo
Celestial buddies group photo So many Celestial Buddies to choose from!Image: Celestial Buddies

Celestial Buddies

These “plush planetary pals and cuddly cosmic companions” couldn’t be cuter if they tried. Though it’s hard to pick a favorite among the adorable worlds of our Solar System, Mercury has to be this author's favorite. 10/10 would snuggle again.

Space LEGOs
Space LEGOs LEGO's Space Shuttle Discovery.Image: LEGO

Space LEGOs

They’re a space gift guide staple for a reason. The NASA Space Shuttle Discovery and Apollo Saturn V stand out as favorites, though the International Space Station is currently displayed in this author’s home office.

SEGA Homestar Planetarium
SEGA Homestar Planetarium See a sky full of stars in your own home.Image: SEGA

Sega Homestar Planetarium

With this star projector, you can experience the night sky right in your bedroom. You can see 60,000 stars without having to worry about clouds getting in the way.

Astronaut planter
Astronaut planter For plants, coins, and anything you'd like to keep.

Astronaut planter

This adorable planter is the perfect accent for a desk. It’s just the right size for a small succulent.

“Who wouldn’t like a cute little astronaut chilling on the Moon?” says software manager and space fan Katie Hockman, who recently gifted this to a friend.

Mova Globes
Mova Globes MOVA's Moon GlobeImage: MOVA

MOVA Globes

If your colleagues see this in the background of your Zoom call, they’re going to ask where you got it. These beautifully crafted ever-spinning globes come in a variety of worlds including Earth, Mars, Jupiter, the Moon, and more.

Pet toys and gear

Fabcat Spaceship teaser
Fabcat Spaceship teaser A wonderful toy for the catstronaut in your life.Image: Fabdog

FabCat spaceship teaser

For cats who love playing with scraps of paper and things that are not actually toys, this author’s cats are oddly particular about their playthings. But the FabCat spaceship teaser — essentially a fishing pole with a rocket plush at the end — has totally captured their attention, which is the ultimate stamp of approval. The spaceship is chock-full of catnip to ensure your kitties have a pleasant trip through space and time.

Earth, Moon, and Mars toys
Earth, Moon, and Mars toys Your dog will love all three of these plushes.Image: Chewy/Frisco

Earth, Mars, and Moon plush squeaky dog toy (set of 3)

For dogs who enjoy fetching (or just holding toys without letting you throw them), we recommend these adorable plushes of Earth, Mars, and the Moon. Watching your dog trot around the living room with a tiny Earth in his or her mouth makes for hilarious photos.

Pizza Planet Over The Collar Dog Bandana
Pizza Planet Over The Collar Dog Bandana Pups, pizza, planets.Image: Denver Pet Pics

Pizza planet over-the-collar dog bandana

The odds of a real pizza planet are low, but never zero. This dog bandana from Woofology keeps that delicious dream alive. Plus, it fits over your dog’s collar for extra comfort.

From The Planetary Society

Planetary Academy membership

Help kickstart someone’s life-long excitement for space! Our recently launched Planetary Academy is a Planetary Society membership designed for kids ages 5-9.

Brick outside HQ

Help build a space community brick-by-brick. We want the names of space lovers to wrap around the block outside headquarters in sunny Pasadena, California.

Gift membership

Sharing the joy and wonder of space is the gift that keeps on giving. No gift guide for space lovers is complete without a Planetary Society membership.

Be sure to check out our store for TPS branded merch including:

Happy hunting, space friends! We hope you find great gifts and get everything on your wish list.

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