Rae Paoletta

Rae Paoletta

Editor, The Planetary Society

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Rae Paoletta is the editor for The Planetary Society. She writes, edits, and publishes articles for the organization, in addition to advising on content strategy.

Before joining The Planetary Society, Paoletta was a journalist and science communicator specializing in astronomy, astrobiology, and aerospace technology. She’s been a writer and editor for MTV News, Gizmodo, and Inverse, where she co-hosted the site’s “I Need My Space” podcast. She also served as editorial director at Good Dog, even though she is secretly more of a cat person.

Long before she was a writer or editor—or had a job anywhere—she was a kid from Long Island who loved going to the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. Through her writing, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her childhood hero, Bill Nye, and inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts.

She lives in New York City and on the internet. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @payoletter.

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