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Perfect gifts for space lovers, by space lovers

The Planetary Society’s 2023 gift guide

‘Tis the season for gifting, and we’ve got tons of great ideas for the space fan in your life.

We asked Planetary Society members, the world’s most dedicated space enthusiasts, for their recommendations this holiday season. We hope their suggestions are at the very top of your wishlist:

Space fashion and accessories

James Webb Space Telescope mirror acrylic earrings
James Webb Space Telescope mirror acrylic earrings JWST earrings from Science SocksImage: Science Socks

James Webb Space Telescope mirror acrylic earrings

Nothing signals “Yes, I’d love to talk about space” at the holiday party like these dazzling Science Socks earrings in the shape of JWST’s iconic primary mirror. There’s also a 14-karat gold option if you’re looking to splurge.

Earth and Moon cuff bracelet with natural stones
Earth and Moon cuff bracelet with natural stones Space-inspired bracelet from YūgenImage: Yūgen

Earth and moon cuff bracelet with natural stones

Our pale blue dot and its ever-present companion look absolutely precious in this elegant piece from Yūgen, available in silver and gold tones. Earth is made from azurite and the Moon is created from copper calcite.

Lost in space shirt
Lost in space shirt Blouse with a Magic School Bus printImage: Kay Pop Art Studio

Lost in space shirt (unisex)

Nineties kids (and beyond) are sure to adore this Magic School Bus-inspired button-up from Kay Pop Art Studio. It’s cosmically quirky yet versatile, making it perfect for any occasion.

Lunar kitty glow-in-the-dark lounge pants (adult)
Lunar kitty glow-in-the-dark lounge pants (adult) Soft, comfortable pants featuring a cat and moon patternImage: Svaha

Lunar kitty glow-in-the-dark lounge pants (adult)

Calling all castronauts and feline enthusiasts! These cozy pants from Svaha are the purrfect gift for those who can’t get enough of space and cats. There’s also a pajama set with the same print for kids.

Westerlund 2 Nebula belt bag
Westerlund 2 Nebula belt bag Space-printed belt bagImage: Startorialist

Westerlund 2 Nebula belt bag

This funky belt bag from Startorialist features a mesmerizing image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory. It’s a stylish, practical addition to any festival outfit.

Psyche metal asteroid metal mission socks
Psyche metal asteroid metal mission socks Socks featuring the Psyche asteroid and spacecraftImage: Science Socks

Psyche metal asteroid metal mission socks

Commemorate this year’s Psyche mission launch with these colorful socks from Science Socks. Journeying to a metal world calls for equally metal socks, right?

Games and toys

Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game
Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game "Star Trek" gameImage: Modiphius Entertainment

Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game

Trekkies: this one’s for you. Use this 326-page, full-color rulebook from Modiphius Entertainment as a guide to create your own “Star Trek” characters and stories. The possibilities for your adventures are as limitless as the Cosmos.

NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket LEGO kit
NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket LEGO kit A LEGO kit for space fansImage: LEGO

NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket LEGO kit

A LEGO classic. Build the rocket that brought humans to new heights — the Moon, to be exact. Fun fact: It contains 1,969 pieces, the same year as the Apollo 11 mission.

Galaxy putty slime
Galaxy putty slime Available for purchase in a 36-packImage: Amazon

Galaxy putty slime

Though it’s technically a children’s toy, we think adults will benefit from the oddly satisfying, stress-releasing properties of this slime. Plus, the colors look like they’re pulled right out of a JWST nebula picture.

Starfield "Starfield" video game from BethesdaImage: Bethesda


From Bethesda, the makers of “Fallout” and “Skyrim,” this space exploration role-playing game (RPG) was one of the most anticipated video games of 2023.

Space Alert
Space Alert Board game ideal for space enthusiastsImage: Vlaada Chvátil

Space Alert

In this cooperative board game created by Vlaada Chvátil, you and your friends will play as the crew of a spaceship. Together, you’ll get creative to troubleshoot and defend the ship from attacks. Best suited for one to five players.

"Pillars of Creation" puzzle
"Pillars of Creation" puzzle Puzzle featuring the well-known imageImage: Bluekazoo

“Pillars of Creation” puzzle

This 1,000-piece puzzle features the famous Hubble image that inspired many to become space enthusiasts. Bluekazoo, the company that makes the puzzle, has several other space-themed options depending on your favorite image from the Cosmos.

Spaceteam Cooperative space board gameImage: Stellar Factory

Spaceteam from Stellar Factory

In this card game, accurately billed as “chaotic and cooperative,” you and your friends will work together to keep a spaceship functioning as curveballs are thrown your way.

Home decor and other items

Golden Record replica
Golden Record replica Decorative reproduction of the Golden RecordImage: My Science Shop

NASA Voyager Golden Record cover replica from My Science Shop

Show friends and family your love of space with this exquisitely designed reproduction of the Golden Record, which famously still flies on the Voyager missions. We think it’d look great on a wall or seated on a bookshelf.

Lunar coasters
Lunar coasters Coasters for drinksImage: Startorialist

Moon landing slate coasters (set of four)

These beautifully crafted coasters from Startorialist are a lovely way to honor Earth’s satellite day and night. If you’re in need of new glassware, you can also check out these Artemis-themed cocktail glasses, also from Startorialist.

Saturn cheese board
Saturn cheese board An ideal gift for charcuterie loversImage: Uncommon Goods

Personalized out-of-this-world cheese board

This handmade, customizable cheese board from Uncommon Goods is perfect for parties, even if it’s just a party of one. Eating cheese always calls for a little fanfare.

Celestron telescope
Celestron telescope An ideal beginner telescope choiceImage: Celestron

Celestron tabletop telescope (76-millimeter aperture)

Want to get started stargazing but you’re short on space? No problem. This compact ‘scope is sleek and easy to use, making it a great choice for beginners.

Moon globe
Moon globe Space-themed giftImage: Earth to Sky Calculus

Glowing moon globe from Earth to Sky Calculus

This isn’t just any moon globe. It’s actually been to the stratosphere, making it a gift that goes (drumroll, please) — above and beyond.

Mars Zen garden
Mars Zen garden For a moment of calmImage: Dan Abramson

Mission to Mindfulness Mars Zen Garden

Take a break from the daily grind with this Martian Zen garden, created by toy inventor Dan Abramson. A quick trip to the red planet has never been so chill or easy.

Space keychain
Space keychain Inspired by the CosmosImage: Tami's Custom Creations

Space wristlet/keychain

Is your bag a black hole that always seems to swallow your keys? These space-themed wristlets and keychains from Etsy seller Tami’s Custom Creations will help keep you organized.

From The Planetary Society

Planetary Society Bricks
Planetary Society Bricks Planetary Society members show their support by purchasing bricks to place at our headquarters in Pasadena, CA.Image: The Planetary Society

Buy a brick outside The Planetary Society’s HQ

If you want to choose a gift that will make a lasting impression, there’s no better choice than to buy a custom-inscribed brick to be placed outside The Planetary Society’s headquarters in Pasadena, California. Every time guests visit they’ll pass by an enduring commemoration of your loved one’s passion for the exploration of the Cosmos.

Drake equation T-shirt
Drake equation T-shirt This tee is a Planetary Society staff favorite.Image: ChopShop

Our merch store

Head over to our store for TPS-branded merch, including scarves, hats, T-shirts, stickers, posters, and more.

Planetary Academy Logo
Planetary Academy Logo The logo of The Planetary Academy, the kids membership program of The Planetary Society.Image: The Planetary Society

Planetary Academy membership

    Help launch a young explorer's lifelong excitement for space! The Planetary Academy is designed for kids ages 5-9. Academy members make a real impact on space science and exploration by supporting our mission. As a member, your young explorer will receive four adventure packs per year developed by the educational experts at The Planetary Society.

      "Casting Shadows: Solar and Lunar Eclipses with The Planetary Society" book cover
      "Casting Shadows: Solar and Lunar Eclipses with The Planetary Society" book cover "Casting Shadows: Solar and Lunar Eclipses with The Planetary Society" by Bruce Betts, chief scientist at The Planetary SocietyImage: Lerner Books

      Learn about eclipses with us

      Available in 2024, you can preorder “Casting Shadows: Solar and Lunar Eclipses with The Planetary Society,” the first book of our brand-new children’s series with Lerner Publishing.

        The gift of membership
        The gift of membership

        Planetary Society standard gift membership

          Share your passion for space exploration by giving a gift membership to The Planetary Society. Your recipient will join our mission to increase discoveries in our Solar System and beyond, elevate the search for life outside our planet, and decrease the risk of Earth being hit by an asteroid. Plus, new and upgrading members will get cool swag, like an exclusive member T-shirt.

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