Buy a Brick Program

You know The Planetary Society has always been Your Place In Space. Now you can join us in claiming some space here on Earth by purchasing a piece of our headquarters through our Buy a Brick program.

Order Your Brick Today

These bricks are a great opportunity to honor a family member or loved one, to pay tribute to a favorite mentor, or to celebrate your passion, beauty and joy for space science and exploration!

There’s still space for you to add a brick to decorate the sidewalk of our HQ.

Paving the way to the future one brick at a time

In the fall of 2015, The Planetary Society moved to the heart of Pasadena, CA, where we have twice the space (get it?) we had at our former office.

With support from the Buy A Brick campaign, we paved our entryway with the initial order of bricks, but there’s still more sidewalk to pave. So we are continuing to take orders to pave the entire sidewalk and due to the popularity of the program. We periodically accumulate enough brick requests to place additional orders with the manufacturer.

Searchable Brick Tool!

We’ve taken high resolution photos of the bricks, and created an interactive display that allows you to search for your brick and to see exactly where it is located outside our entryway. Use a screen capture to grab an image for your personal use or to use on social media. If you notice any errors or have concerns about these search results, please email [email protected].

Find Your Brick

You are also welcome to visit HQ in person! If you live in the Pasadena area, or will be traveling here, we invite you to stop by our headquarters to say “hi” and see your brick up close and personal. Your brick purchase shows your commitment to The Planetary Society’s mission and your love of space science and exploration.

Choose your brick size

You may choose one of three types of bricks to inscribe with your name or the name of someone you would like to honor. You’ll also have the option to order a full-sized replica brick for your personal use. The size options are:

$100 for a standard 4" x 8" brick
$250 for a standard 8" x 8" brick
$500 for a high-profile 8" x 8" brick (SOLD OUT!)

The $500 high-profile bricks live near The Planetary Society’s entrance and are now sold out.

Please note if you order a replica brick, it will be prepared and shipped at the same time the pavers are inscribed for installation.

Order Your Brick Today

Installation Information

Note: Bricks purchased before July 31, 2022 have been installed. Any bricks purchased after July 31, 2022 will be installed in spring of 2024 (exact date depending on weather).

We typically have a delay between when you order your brick(s) and before installation so that we can accumulate a sufficient number of bricks to place an order with our supplier. Depending on when we reach our minimum quantities for an order, we anticipate that we will be arranging at least one installation each year (sometimes two). Because of this, you may have a delay between when you have completed your order and when we have installed your brick(s). Once your brick is in place, we will send you an email to inform you and when you'll be able to find your brick(s) on our interactive display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've collected answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.