Buy a Brick Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some examples adapted from actual bricks.

SETI, LightSail, NEO
Europa, Laser Bees
OSETI, Sagan Fund
... and on to Mars!

For Ann Jones
Jon Jones
Richard Jones
Jessica Jones
With Love
Dad and Mom

In memory of our
fathers, who
introduced us to the
starry skies above:
Richard Smith and
Al Jones

Jason Smith
Infinite space
Sights yet unseen
Yet not learned
Go forth and explore

Is there a deadline?

No, there is no deadline. Newly ordered bricks will be produced and installed when we accumulate a sufficient number of bricks to place an order with our supplier.

Is my brick donation tax deductible?

For US citizens and residents, yes, the brick donation is generally tax-deductible on your federal and state tax returns. The full value of the brick we are using as a paver is deductible, and the value of the replica brick is deductible at a reduced amount (it is reduced by the commercial value of the inscribed brick). The amount that is tax-deductible will be included in our acknowledgement letter.

Will I be able to see/visit my brick?

Most certainly! You're invited to visit The Society’s headquarters in person anytime or visit our Brick search tool to see your brick after it's installed. Our online tool allows you to look at a high-resolution photo of the brick pavers and see where it’s located here at HQ.

When will my brick be installed?

Newly purchased bricks will be installed at a later date once we accumulate a sufficient number of bricks to place an order with our supplier. We will email you when your brick is in place.

What is a replica brick?

A replica brick is exactly that – a paver just like the one we will install, but sent to you so you have an identical brick to the one installed at The Planetary Society headquarters. Some people like it (1 out of 10 donors get one) because they may never get to see their brick in-person (though we welcome visitors!). It helps you feel more connected to us, just as the bricks installed at our building will help us feel connected to you.

When will the replica bricks be shipped?

The replica bricks will be prepared and shipped at the same time the pavers are inscribed for installation.

Can I add emojis or symbols to the brick I purchase?

We are not able to engrave emojis or symbols with your inscription.

How long will my brick last?

The bricks and the laser engraving technique selected by The Planetary Society are expected to be durable for a period of 50 years or more. Information on the expected lifetime of the bricks may be found at In addition, should the Society ever move its headquarters to a new location, the bricks will be moved with the organization to its new location.

Buy a brick today!

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