Mat KaplanJul 01, 2013

Planetary Radio: Don't Step in That Puddle!

The Strong Evidence for Water on the Moon

This week's Planetary Radio episode goes to the moon to look for water ice hiding in far more places than once thought. Amanda Hendrix is our tour guide.  She recently left JPL for the Planetary Science Institute, where she continues her work in ultraviolet spectroscopy.  Amanda contributes to missions throughout the solar system.  I believe nothing makes her happier than finding evidence of water on yet another world, large or small.

You'll also hear why Vesta is her favorite asteroid, and how she began her planetary science career in the second grade. 

With Emily Lakdawalla on vacation, we've got Planetary Society contributing editor Jason Davis with the scoop on IRIS, a relatively inexpensive mission designed to help uncover one of the Sun's greatest secrets.  Bill Nye and I get lost trying to figure out who wants what for space exploration in America's capitol, even as SpaceX and other commercial ventures make great strides. 

We close, as always, with a What's Up visit to the lair of Bruce Betts.  He hasn't seen the new Planetary Radio t-shirt, but you can win one in the space trivia contest! Clear skies.

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