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Total Solar Eclipse!

Join us for Eclipse-O-Rama 2024, our two-day camping festival in Fredericksburg, Texas. Featuring music, science, lodging, and more!

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Find your place in space

Co-founded by Carl Sagan in 1980, The Planetary Society is a member-funded nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing space science and exploration through three core enterprises.

hand reaching toward planet

Explore Worlds

Increase discoveries about the worlds of our solar system and beyond.

hand pointing to dna

Find Life

Elevate the search for life as a space exploration priority.

fist blocking meteor

Defend Earth

Decrease the risk of Earth being hit by an asteroid or comet.

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Join CEO Bill Nye and become a member of the world’s largest and most effective space advocacy movement.


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The Planetary Fund

Your Planetary Fund support powers our mission to explore worlds, find life, and defend Earth.


Space Policy & Advocacy

Where we stand on the issues

Mars sample return, increasing NASA science funding, advocating for NEO Surveyor, flexibility for Artemis procurement and partnerships, and elevating the search for life beyond Earth. Together we’re active in advancing space science and exploration.

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