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When you become a member, you join our mission to increase discoveries in our solar system and beyond, elevate the search for life outside our planet, and decrease the risk of Earth being hit by an asteroid.

Carl Sagan co-founded this nonprofit for those who believe in exploration to take action together. Are you with us?

Bill Nye Bill Nye

Bill Nye, CEO
The Planetary Society

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“I joined to support an advocacy group that educates the general public, voters, and decision makers on the importance of investment in space.”

Sanmukh Kippannagari outdoor portrait.png

Sanmukh Kuppannagari
Planetary Society Member

“Being a member of The Planetary Society is like being a part of Starfleet Academy. We're helping to push the boundaries of space exploration to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Kellie Gadeken in forest

Kellie R. Gadeken
Planetary Society Member

“Thanks to the support of Planetary Society members around the world, we're on the verge of breakthrough precision that will allow for new discoveries.”

Debra Fischer portrait

Dr. Debra Fischer
Yale University astronomer and head of the 100 Earths exoplanet-hunting project at Lowell Observatory

“We need to make sure that we have groups like The Planetary Society always engaged, always interested… I cannot tell you how important it is.”

Jim Bridenstine official NASA portrait

Jim Bridenstine
Former NASA Administrator

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“Star Trek is, of course, fiction. But its idea is very real and very important. It is this idea which The Planetary Society is devoted to and I believe they can help turn into a reality.”

Gene Roddenberry at Space Shuttle Enterprise event

Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek Creator

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