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Press Releases from 2005

Last Chance to Send Us a Postcard from Venus! (December 19, 2005)

Contest entrants are invited to imagine the surface of Venus from an above-ground perspective - a bird's eye view of a mysterious world whose volcano-riddled surface contains few impact craters.

Cosmos 1 Named One of Most Innovative Ideas of 2005 (December 12, 2005)

The solar sail spacecraft Cosmos 1 was listed by the New York Times Sunday Magazine as one of the most innovative ideas of 2005 in the December 11 issue of the magazine.

Planetary Society Applauds Japanese Asteroid Landing and Apparent Sampling (November 30, 2005)

The Planetary Society sent congratulations to the Hayabusa spacecraft team at the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) for their remarkable exploration of the asteroid Itokawa.

Planetary Society Welcomes Three Scientists to Board of Directors (November 17, 2005)

James Bell of Cornell University, Heidi Hammel of the Space Science Institute, and George Yancopoulos of Regeneron Laboratories have joined The Planetary Society's board of directors.

The Planetary Society Begins Out of This World On-Line Auction (November 4, 2005)

In celebration of The Planetary Society's 25th anniversary, members of the Society's Board of Directors, Advisors, and several Society friends volunteered their time, expertise and space-related memorabilia to the auction.

Ray Bradbury to Receive Mars Exploration Award from The Planetary Society (October 27, 2005)

The Planetary Society will recognize Bradbury's contribution to the interest of Mars by awarding him The Thomas O. Paine Award for the Advancement of Human Exploration of Mars at The Planetary Society's 25th Anniversary Gala Awards Dinner.

Planetary Society Presents Cosmos Award to James Cameron (October 19, 2005)

Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron will accept The Planetary Society's inaugural Cosmos Award for Outstanding Public Presentation of Science at the Society's 25th Anniversary Gala Awards Dinner.

Postcards from Venus: The Planetary Society Invites Worldwide Entries in Venus Express Art Contest (October 17, 2005)

To celebrate a new phase of exploration of Earth's sister world, The Planetary Society has teamed with ESA to invite youths and adults worldwide to enter the Venus Express Art Contest.

James Cameron and Ray Bradbury to Receive Space Exploration Awards (September 21, 2005)

The Planetary Society will honor science fiction author Ray Bradbury and film director James Cameron with two special awards.

Planetary Society Funds Search for Potentially Dangerous Near Earth Objects (August 17, 2005)

The Planetary Society continues to fund the search for potentially hazardous comets and asteroids that orbit close to our planet by awarding Gene Shoemaker Near Earth Object Grants to five researchers around the world.

The Planetary Society Asks "Where is Cosmos 1?" (July 1, 2005)

The Planetary Society continues to investigate the mystery of what happened to its Cosmos 1 spacecraft - a joint project with Cosmos Studios - that launched last week on a Russian Volna rocket.

Last Chance to Make a Guess on Celestial Fireworks: The Great Comet Crater Contest (June 29, 2005)

If you propel a chunk of metal into a comet at extremely high speed, will it sink like a stone in snow or blast a sizeable crater out of the surface?

Cosmos 1 May be Lost, But the Search Continues (June 22, 2005)

In the past twenty-four hours, the Russian space agency (RKA) has made a tentative conclusion that the Volna rocket carrying Cosmos 1 failed during the firing of the first stage.

Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Update (June 21, 2005)

The Cosmos 1 spacecraft was launched, but officials cannot confirm a successful orbit injection. There are continuing efforts to receive a signal from the spacecraft.

Watch the First Solar Sail Fly Overhead! (June 20, 2005)

Four days after launch, the Cosmos 1 spacecraft will deploy its eight silver sails and become one of the brightest objects crossing the night sky.

Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Will Carry CD into Orbit (June 16, 2005)

Cosmos 1, the first solar sail spacecraft, will carry into Earth orbit a CD containing the names of over 75,000 members of The Planetary Society and the Japan Planetary Society.

Worldwide Network to Track Solar Sail Spacecraft (June 2, 2005)

Tracking stations around the world will receive data from Cosmos 1, the world's first solar sail spacecraft, after it launches on June 21, 2005.

Cosmos 1 Ships in Preparation for June Launch (May 23, 2005)

Cosmos 1, the world’s first solar sail spacecraft, has shipped in preparation for a launch window that opens on June 21, 2005.

The Planetary Society Launches Cosmic Guessing Game (April 21, 2005)

The Planetary Society invites you to make your best guess on how big the hole will be when NASA’s Deep Impact mission releases an impactor projectile in the path of Comet Tempel 1.

Listen Up! Planetary Radio Hits XM Satellite Radio Airwaves (March 24, 2005)

Planetary Radio will increase its reach by more than 3 million when XM Satellite Radio adds the program to its line-up.

Planetary Society Showcases Sights and Sounds of Titan (March 17, 2005)

The Planetary Society's international Titan art contest awarded a special prize for the artwork that most closely resembled a portion of the actual Titan landscape or atmosphere imaged by the European Space Agency's Huygens probe during its final stages of descent.

Griffin Good for Space Exploration, Says Planetary Society (March 11, 2005)

Planetary Society leaders applaud the choice of Michael Griffin as proposed NASA Administrator, as announced today by President Bush.

Planetary Society Sends Two to Space University (March 10, 2005)

The Planetary Society has awarded Planetary Society Fellowships to attend the 2005 International Space University (ISU).

Planetary Society Invites Congress on Martian Journey (February 7, 2005)

The Planetary Society will present “Mars: A New World for Humankind” to members of Congress in Washington, DC.

Welcome to Worldwide Astronomy 101! (February 4, 2005)

The Planetary Society and California State University Dominguez Hills are teaming up to offer a free astronomy course via the Internet and cable.

Planetary Society Board Elects New Officers (January 26, 2005)

The Planetary Society, the world's largest space interest organization, has named Neil deGrasse Tyson its new Chairman of the Board and Bill Nye the new Vice President.

Listen to Out of this World Sounds of Titan at (January 15, 2005)

The Planetary Society is teaming with the European Space Agency and the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument team to release the sounds recorded by the Huygens probe.

Planetary Society Is Huygens/Titan Resource (January 13, 2005)

The Planetary Society's Cassini-Huygens web resource offers a comprehensive overview of Huygens' encounter with Titan, as well as charts of all Cassini's encounters with Saturn.

Tune in to the Sounds of Saturn's Moon Titan on The Planetary Society's Website (January 11, 2005)

The Earth's public may soon have the chance to hear the winds of an alien world when The Planetary Society teams up with the European Space Agency and the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument team to release the sounds recorded by the Huygens probe.

Planetary Society Art Contest Winner Wins Trip to Huygens Mission Control in Germany (January 6, 2005)

Chelsey Tyler’s award for winning the The Planetary Society’s international art contest, “Imagining Titan: Artists Peer Beneath the Veil,” will be to travel to the Huygens Mission Control Center in Darmstadt, Germany.

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