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New Horizons progress report

Emily Lakdawalla • January 12, 2006

There's a new "Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report" from Kennedy Space Center and it looks like everything is on schedule for a Tuesday launch for New Horizons.

Looking Forward to New Horizons' Launch

John Spencer • January 12, 2006

This is probably my last missive before Jane and I leave for the Cape on Friday in preparation for the launch.

Great news for New Horizons

Emily Lakdawalla • January 09, 2006

I'll just make this an "all New Horizons" morning. The latest Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report from Kennedy Space Center has some good news for New Horizons.

What will happen just after New Horizons' launch

Emily Lakdawalla • January 09, 2006

Over the weekend, New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern posted a new "P.I. Perspective" on the official website, and it contained some interesting facts about what's planned for the days immediately following New Horizons' launch.

Looking Forward to New Horizons' Launch

John Spencer • January 09, 2006

I'm at home on a Sunday morning, five days before leaving for the Cape (assuming the current launch schedule, with the first launch opportunity on January 17th, continues to hold).

Cassini, Day By Day

Emily Lakdawalla • January 02, 2006

I've just resurrected a feature on the site that has been lost since our redesign: the "Cassini, Day By Day" pages.

Looking Forward to New Horizons' Launch

John Spencer • January 02, 2006

I've been sifting through the data I obtained last week on the lightcurve of binary Kuiper Belt object 1998 SM165 during my three nights on the Lowell Observatory 72" telescope, and as so often happens, the images are proving a bit harder to analyze than I'd first thought.

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