Jason DavisNov 17, 2021

DART mission resources for space fans and the press

Get hyped: NASA has launched a spacecraft that will intentionally smash into an asteroid, testing our ability to stop dangerous space rocks from hitting the Earth.

DART, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, lifted off at 1:21 a.m. EST (06:21 UTC) on Nov. 24.

Defending Earth from asteroids and comets is one of The Planetary Society’s top priorities. We'll be cheering DART on as it makes its 10-month journey to Dimorphos, the small moon of asteroid Didymos.

We have an extensive collection of unique DART and planetary defense resources you won’t find anywhere else. Are you a space fan? Become the DART expert of your social circle using our materials! Are you a member of the press? Our background research, expert quotes and multimedia assets can give your stories unique depth.

🚀 The DART mission

☄️ Defending Earth from impacts

🛰️ Related missions

📻 Planetary Radio: quotable one-on-one interviews with transcripts

📺 Video: our staff and other experts break down key topics

💻 Interactive website

🖼️ Infographics, artwork and pictures

🪐 How The Planetary Society combats the asteroid threat

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