Emily LakdawallaJul 10, 2010

Lutetia -- and Saturn!!

A quick post of just one of the gorgeous images from Rosetta's flyby of Lutetia today; for more, see the Rosetta Blog. But this one was just too pretty to wait for.

The solar system is a very, very empty place. It is incredibly rare to catch two objects passing close to each other. Yet, just as Rosetta was approaching for its flyby of Lutetia, it happened to catch a second solar system object in the background -- and a very recognizable one at that: Saturn!

Lutetia - and Saturn!
Lutetia - and Saturn! As Rosetta flew past Lutetia, a bright ringed planet passed through its field of view -- Saturn!Image: ESA 2010 MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS / UPD / LAM / IAA / RSSD / INTA / UPM / DASP / IDA

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