Planetary Radio • Sep 07, 2018

Space Policy Edition: Did NASA Ace its Midterms? With Special Guest Louise Prockter

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20180906 dr louise prockter

Dr. Louise Prockter

Planetary Scientist and Director for Lunar and Planetary Institute

Jason callahan

Jason Callahan

Former Space Policy Advisor for The Planetary Society

Casey dreier tps mars

Casey Dreier

Chief of Space Policy for The Planetary Society

Kaplan mat headshot 0114a print

Mat Kaplan

Senior Communications Adviser and former Host of Planetary Radio for The Planetary Society

We talk with planetary scientist and Lunar and Planetary Institute Director Louise Prockter, who co-led creation of a new report evaluating the performance of NASA's planetary science division. This comes five years after the release of the influential decadal survey. Given the massive budget cuts over the past few years, how did NASA do? Where do these reports come from and who puts them together? Why are they important? All will be answered in this month’s SPE! We also look into the report-within-a-report on the status of the robotic Mars Exploration Program, and find some recommendations that appear to have been inspired by a 2017 Planetary Society report.

The solar system
The solar system Image: NASA
Planetary science missions
Planetary science missions A collection of past, present and future planetary science missions around our solar system.Image: NASA