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Casey Dreier

Chief of Space Policy, The Planetary Society

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Casey leads The Planetary Society's advocacy and policy efforts to advance planetary exploration, planetary defense, and the search for life. He educates and empowers the organization's members to take political action. He writes, teaches, and speaks to The Society's members, the public, and policymakers to impress upon them the importance, relevancy, and excitement of space exploration.

Casey is committed to demystifying the politics and policy process behind space exploration for all audiences. He is a trusted source for journalists and has been featured in many publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Scientific American, Vox, and The Verge, to name a few. He also has appeared as an expert on BBC News and both seasons of National Geographic's MARS series as a "MARS Big Thinker".

He also leads the strategic planning of The Planetary Society's space policy and advocacy program. He works closely with The Society's leadership, its Board of Directors, and other policy experts to craft the organization's formal positions and goals for the future of space exploration. He provides trusted analysis of the budgetary, political, and policy decisions relating to space, pursues original research, and works collaboratively to generate policy ideas and guidance for the U.S. space program.

He also hosts the podcast Planetary Radio: Space Policy Edition, which has been published monthly since 2016. And has written the free monthly newsletter, The Space Advocate, since 2015.

Casey has a degree in Physics with a concentration in Astronomy from Oberlin College.

You can contact Casey via email at: [email protected], or find him on Threads @CaseyDreierSpace.

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