Planetary Radio • Jun 23, 2015

Exploring the Seas of Earth and Other Worlds

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20150623 william patzert

William Patzert

Research Scientist for Jet Propulsion Laboratory

20150623 Jerry Schubel thumbnail

Jerry Schubel

President and CEO for Aquarium of the Pacific

20131216 steve vance

Steve Vance

Research Scientist for Jet Propulsion Laboratory

We return to the beautiful Aquarium of the Pacific in southern California for a fascinating conversation about ocean science. What we learn down here is furthering our research around the solar system. William Patzert, Jerry Schubel and Steven Vance join Mat Kaplan on stage. Emily Lakdawalla tells us what Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory rover, has been doing lately. Bruce Betts is keeping his eye on converging Jupiter and Venus.

Artist's concept of Europa's "Great Lake"
Artist's concept of Europa's "Great Lake" This artist's concept depicts Europa's "Great Lake." Researchers predict many more such lakes are scattered throughout the moon's icy shell.Image: Britney Schmidt / Dead Pixel VFX / Univ. of Texas at Austin

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Who said (approximately), “Provide ships or sails adapted to the heavenly breezes and there will be some who will brave even that void.”

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