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Planetary RadioMay 5, 2017

Space Policy Edition #12 – Is Space Policy Stagnant? With Special Guest Marcia Smith

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On This Episode
Jason Callahan
Jason Callahan

Former Space Policy Advisor, The Planetary Society

Casey Profile Picture Thumbnail
Casey Dreier

Chief Advocate & Senior Space Policy Adviser, The Planetary Society

Headshot of Mat Kaplan
Mat Kaplan

Planetary Radio Host and Producer, The Planetary Society

Moon or Mars? Should NASA depend on private companies? What’s the goal of human spaceflight? These questions were debated three decades ago, yet are just as relevant today. Does that mean space policy is stagnant? Casey Dreier asks Marcia Smith, the founder and editor of Space Policy Online, and one of the top sources for space policy news and analysis. We also celebrate NASA's new budget—which gives a big boost to science—examine two new reports that indicate NASA's exploration programs might be running into trouble, and celebrate the first anniversary of the Space Policy Edition podcast.

The US Capitol at dusk

Martin Falbisoner

The US Capitol at dusk

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