Mat KaplanFeb 20, 2013

Webcast Tonight! Planetary Scientist and Society President Jim Bell

Watch It Live or Later On Demand

I've called Jim Bell the Ansel Adams of Mars.  The President of the Planetary Society is much more than that, as you'll learn if you watch his presentation in the California Institute of Technology's Beckman Auditorium.  Jim's topic is "Exploring Mars, the Moon, Asteroids, and Comets with Rovers and Landers," and there is no one better to talk about this subject. It gets underway at 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time, and the house will probably be full.  That's not your problem, since you'll have a front row seat for the live webcast.  The Planetary Society is co-sponsoring the evening with CalTech's Keck Institute for Space Studies (yes, KISS). 

CalTech has very generously allowed us to bring you the webcast here.  Don't worry if you miss the live show.  It should be archived for on demand viewing very soon. 

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