Mat KaplanDec 15, 2012

Watch Planetary Radio LIVE on Saturday!

Saturday's webcast is all about Curiosity on Mars


I love doing Planetary Radio, but nothing compares with getting on stage for a live conversation with outstanding guests. I get to do it again in just two days. Planetary Radio LIVE returns to Southern California Public Radio's Crawford Family Forum at 2:00pm Pacific on Saturday, December 15. Our special guests are Curiosity Project Manager Richard Cook and Project Scientist John Grotzinger. Joining me in this conversation will be the boss, Science and Planetary Guy Bill Nye. Emily Lakdawalla will also join the discussion, but first she'll kick off the show with some of her favorite images from the big rover.

Images on a radio show? They'll be part of our live webcast you'll be able to watch here. We'll also make the show available on demand not long after the webcast. Of course, it will also be featured over the next two episodes of Planetary Radio on our network of 150 radio stations, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and the worldwide podcast. 

Rounding out the show will be a special edition of What's Up with my buddy, Bruce Betts. Match your space trivia knowledge with the standing room only audience at the Forum! And you'll want to get up and dance to Hedgehog Swing. Our special musical guests will get you going with their terrific take on gypsy jazz, including the Star Wars Cantina song. 

I'm grateful to everyone who will be part of this show, but especially to the members of the Planetary Society. You make Planetary Radio possible. Not yet a member? Join our merry band of space geeks. And if you're already a member but want to do more, you can donate directly to the show with the Support Planetary Radio link on this page. Gifts of $50 or more will get you a Planetary Radio t-shirt. My offer to come to your hometown and buy you dinner still stands, so long as you donate $5,000 or more. We'll throw in a t-shirt.

While you wait for Saturday, check out the current episode of PlanRad. You'll meet Xavier Dumusque, lead author of the paper announcing discovery of an Earth-sized exoplanet in the Alpha Centauri system. That's right next door.

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