Emily LakdawallaOct 19, 2005

A way-cool Cassini picture: rings, Titan, Dione, Prometheus

I just noticed this picture on the Cassini raw images website. I love these "many worlds" pictures. The rings are seen nearly edge-on and are slicing across the midde of the view (the globe of Saturn is just out of the field of view to the left). The biggest ball is Titan; Dione sits in front of Titan; and tiny Prometheus is at the center of the image. Very cool. I wish it was in color, but this is just a grayscale view. It was taken at about 19:05 UTC on October 17, if you want to simulate the view on space.jpl.nasa.gov.

Many worlds: Dione, Titan, Prometheus, and rings
Many worlds: Dione, Titan, Prometheus, and rings This photo was taken on 17 October 2005, targeted at Prometheus, from a distance of 2.4 million kilometers.Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / SSI / Emily Lakdawalla

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