The Planetary Report • Sepember Equinox 2014

Beyond Human Vision

On the Cover: <i>Cassini</i>, like all robotic explorers we launch into deep space, has deepened our understanding of our solar environs in many ways—some anticipated and some not. Dialing up Cassini’s infrared, green, and ultraviolet filters draws out details in the surfaces of Saturn’s icy moons that we cannot see in natural color wavelengths. This map of Enceladus’ far side shows the redepositon of icy dust (pink and yellow) from the “tiger stripe” vents (cyan tinted) at the moon’s South Pole.


2 A Key Witness for Exploration: Casey Dreier reports as Society president Jim Bell testifies on Capitol Hill.

8 Blue Pearls for Rhea: Paul Schenk creates color-enhanced maps of Saturn's icy moons.

14 Missives from MESSENGER: Rebecca Thomas describes a surprisingly volatile-rich Mercury.

20 Honing the Hunt: Bruce Betts talks about a new exoplanet project, and OSETI getting back on the rails.


4 Your Place in Space Bill Nye reports on The Planetary Society's strategic plan.

6 Happening on Planetary Radio Fascinating guests and some special live events!

6 On New things are happening all the time on The Planetary Society's blogs!

7 Q&A Looking back at the Sun?

7 Factinos A Neptune-sized planet with clear skies!

19 What’s Up? A meteor shower and a partial solar eclipse.

22 Snapshots from Space The view from Pillinger Point.

23 MySky Mars and the full Moon over Saint Peter's Basilica.

The Planetary Report • Sepember Equinox 2014

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