The Planetary Report • June Solstice 2014

Origins on Ice

On the Cover: From the shadowed craters of Mercury, to the outer edges of the Oort cloud, ice is ubiquitous across our planetary neighborhood. Variations in chemistry, temperature, and pressure have produced the roughly two-dozen types of ice we’ve observed, or expect to see, in our solar system. By reading the stories trapped in their ices, scientists gain valuable insights into the interior evolution and climate regulation of planetary bodies. The graceful contours of this deep crevasse are the result of melting in an Antarctic iceberg.


7 Science Festival Mania: Kate Howells reports on volunteers who shared The Planetary Society with about 300,000 festivalgoers in April.

8 Ice in the Solar System: Julie Castillo-Rogez takes a look at the many types of ice in our solar system...and what they might mean for us.

14 Preparing to Sail: Doug Stetson with us in Pasadena and around the world.

20 Planets at Alpha Centauri? Bruce Betts brings us the latest report from Debra Fischer.

22 Breaking Sisyphus' Curse: Casey Dreier describes pushing NASA's budget up Capitol Hill.


2 Snapshots from Space Saying farewell to Neptune.

4 Your Place in Space Bill Nye is excited about our progress.

6 Planetary Radio Are you listening to this award-winning show?

6 On Check out our site!

19 What’s Up? A meteor shower and a total lunar eclipse.

The Planetary Report • June Solstice 2014

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