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Kate Howells

Kate Howells head shot

Kate Howells

Communications Strategy & Canadian Space Policy Adviser

Kate Howells works with The Planetary Society to build and manage a global network of volunteers who do educational outreach in their communities, and to develop volunteer activities that support The Planetary Society's goals and strategic vision. Kate also leads the development of the Society's youth education program.

Based in Guelph, ON, Kate represents The Planetary Society in Canada and leads the development of advocacy and outreach work there.

Kate also serves on the Government of Canada's Space Advisory Board, and is pursuing a Master of Arts in Educational Studies at Concordia University.

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Exploring Venus, Earth's Mysterious Sister Planet

November 06, 2019 • 49:53

Astrophysicist Javier Peralta, a team member on Japan's Akatsuki mission, takes us deep into Venus's thick, fast-moving clouds.

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