The Planetary Report • December Solstice 2013

10 Years on Mars: The Magic Behind the Mars Exploration Rovers

On the Cover: In this sunset view from sol 2847 (January 27, 2012), Opportunity gazed backward toward the distant peaks of Endeavour crater’s far rim. The setting Sun casts very long shadows from the low-standing ridge on which the rover stands. In fact, Opportunity’s own shadow is visible as a blurry speck atop the ridge’s shadow. To read more about how this image was processed, go to <a href=""></a>.


2 Murray Ridge Panorama: A special fold-out cover showcasing Mars' Murray Ridge.

7 The Year in Pictures: Emily Lakdawalla hopes for a darker sky.

13 The Magic of MER: A.J.S. Rayl looks inside the MER missions' success.

20 Planetary Dirt Sampling Success: Bruce Betts reports on the Society-sponsored PlanetVac.

22 A Shift in the Wind: Casey Dreier gives us an update.

Planetary Society Kids: Buttes Happen; Saturn's Rings


4 Your Place in Space Bill Nye looks back at a busy year.

6 Planetary Radio Online radio + exciting topics.

6 On A feast of space news coverage.

21 What's Up? Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

23 MySky From Orange County, California.

The Planetary Report • December Solstice 2013

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