The Planetary Report • September/October 1992

Raising the Flag

On the Cover: Raising the flag on Mars is a scene from the future imagined by artist Carter Emmart, who painted this as a tribute to Tom Paine. Tom created the Mars flag as an award to the person or organization that he felt had contributed most to advancing the human exploration of Mars. In 1987 it was won by The Planetary Society. One of Tom's last requests was that tile Society take over the awarding of the Mars flag. We are now organizing the Thomas O. Paine Memorial Award program. Details will be given in a later issue of <i>The Planetary Report</i>.


4 The Last of the Corsairs: The Life of Thomas O. Paine: Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray, Louis Friedman, and Charlene Anderson reflect on the life of a dreamer, adventurer, scientist, and leader.

8 To Settle the Red Planet: Thomas O. Paine presents a decade-by-decade look at martian history from 1990 to 2090.

12 Exploring the Limits: Humanity's Future in Space: Bruce Murray shares his hopes for our collective future exploring space.

16 A World for the Winning: The Exploration and Terraforming of Mars: Robert Zubrin and Chris McKay discuss how to make Mars more hospitable to human life.

20 Dreams Are Maps: Exploration and Human Purpose: Carl Sagan explains the importance of exploration to the nature of humanity.


3 Members' Dialogue The high cost of maintaining the space shuttle.

26 Society Notes Upcoming events; Society celebrates Galileo's flyby.

27 World Watch NASA budget issues, space station Freedom, and Russia's Mars plans.

28 Q&A What is metallic hydrogen?

30 Readers' Service Five Billion Vodka Bottles to the Moon: Tales of a Soviet Scientist.

31 News & Reviews Planetary nomenclature.

The Planetary Report • September/October 1992

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