The Planetary Report • January/February 1988

Earth or Mars?

On the Cover: This enhanced false color mosaic of <i>Landsat</i> images covers a portion of the eastern Sahara. The Uweinat Mountain, 40 kilometers across, is the largest topographic prominence, and causes a vast spindle-shaped, sand-free zone. The mountain rises at the borders of Egypt, Libya and Sudan. Smaller features also cause a dark, sand-free zone in their lee. Similar features have been imaged by spacecraft orbiting Mars.


4 Detecting and Studying Extrasolar Planets: John Appleby and Arthur Vaughan describe at the technology aiding in the search for planets beyond our solar system.

8 Alien Life—Forms and Function in Fluids: James Burke looks at life on Earth to think about life on other planets.

10 Is It Earth...or Is It Mars? Farouk El-Baz compares the planets with satellite images.


3 Let's Reinvigorate the U.S. Space Program Carl Sagan and Louis Friedman ask: Has NASA lost its way?

7 Q&A What is the speed necessary for Galileo to reach Jupiter?

12 News & Reviews Soviets in space; where does NASA go from here?

13 World Watch The shuttle program after Challenger; Mars Observer and CRAF.

14 Society Notes New additions to the Society.

The Planetary Report • January/February 1988

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