The Planetary Report • November/December 1982

Mariner 2 Anniversary Issue

On the Cover: This computer-generated view of Venus shows the planet's topography, with the highest regions coded as red and the lowest as dark blue. The radar of the <i>Pioneer</i> Venus Orbiter provided the altimetry data from which this image was generated, and can also detect small-scale surface roughness. Rougher areas are coded as a white glint on this picture.


4 Remembering Mariner 2: J. N. James looks back on Mariner 2 on its 20th anniversary.

7 The Race to Venus and Mars: James D. Burke gives a timeline of the space race to our nearest neighbors.

8 How We Discovered That Venus is Hot: Carl Sagan summarizes the critical information from Mariner missions and telescopic observations of Venus that led to our greater understanding of its surface conditions.

11 Mariner 2 and the Discovery of the Solar Wind: Marcia Neugebauer describes how Mariner 2 discovered the solar wind on its journey to Venus.

14 Highlights of the Venera Missions to Venus: M. Ya. Marov showcases the revelations the Venera missions provided on shrouded Venus.

20 Venus in 2002: James D. Burke looks to the future.


18 Society Notes Progress on the Society's three goals.

19 Washington Watch Funding for future missions to Venus and Galileo.

21 News & Reviews Halley's Comet, extraterrestrial life, and resolving rings with radio.

The Planetary Report • November/December 1982

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