The Planetary Report • July/August 1982

Sampling the Moon

On the Cover: Harrison Schmidt, now a U.S. Senator from New Mexico, investigated this giant boulder during the <i>Apollo 17</i> mission to the Moon. The <i>Apollo</i> astronauts returned over 360 kilograms of lunar geological samples to Earth. The "Moon rocks" are now housed in the Lunar Curatorial Facility in Houston, Texas.


4 Discovering an Asteroid: Eleanor F. Helin describes how she discovered the best known candidate for an asteroid rendezvous mission.

7 The Care and Feeding of Lunar Samples: The Lunar Curatorial Facility: Michael Drake takes us on a tour of the facility and the effects of recent budget cuts.

10 Harold Clayton Urey: 1983–1981: Carl Sagan celebrates the life of one of the founders of modern planetary science.


12 News & Reviews Venus, Antarctica, and extraterrestrial life.

13 Society News Events, lectures, and thank yous.

14 Washington Watch Future NASA missions and administration changes.

The Planetary Report • July/August 1982

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