The Planetary Report • June/July 1981


On the Cover: An intricate network of dark lines covers the bright, smooth surface of Europa. The satellite of Jupiter is only one of the strange and beautiful ice worlds orbiting the giant outer planets of our solar system.


3 Deep Space Exploration and the Space Shuttle: James D. Burke looks toward the future upon the succesfful first flight of the orbiter Columbia.

4 Solar Sailing: A Frontier Transportation System: Chauney Uphoff explains this exciting technology.

6 The Special Case of Galileo Galilei: Maureen Miller recounts the cases of Galileo vs. the Catholic Church—in both 1980 and the 17th century.

8 Ice Worlds: Michael Malin takes us on a tour of icy moons in the outer solar system.

13 Giant Landslides in the Mariner Valley on Mars: Conway Snyder reports on these striking features.


11 Washington Watch New faces at NASA; Halley's Comet.

12 News & Reviews Meteorites from the Moon and beyond.

14 Society Notes The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI); book sales.

The Planetary Report • June/July 1981

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