The Planetary Report • February/March 1981

Titan's Atmosphere

On the Cover: The haze layers surrounding Saturn's largest moon, Titan, become brilliant blue in this false color image of the satellite's atmosphere, while the thick aerosols enveloping Titan appear orange. Several individual haze layers are visible.


3 NASA's Lost Horizons: Bruce Murray gives a bleak outlook on the lull in NASA missions.

4 Titan—A World Unto Itself: Charlene Anderson shares Voyager 1's views of this shrouded moon.

5 Planetary Weather Report—The Atmosphere of Saturn: Garry Hunt fills us in on the weather systems observed by Voyager 1 on the ringed giant.

6 Gallery of Moons: Voyager 1's snapshots of Saturn's moons.

8 Saturn's Rings: A Voyager Update: Voyager planetary rings imaging lead Jeffrey Cuzzi discusses what we've learned about Saturn's rings.

13 Global Altimetry of Venus: Stewart Nozette showcases this new map of Venus from Pioneer Venus 1.


11 Washington Watch NASA FY 1982 budget and changes in the senate.

12 News & Reviews Viking at Mars; learning about Neptune.

15 Society Notes Voyager 1 image availability; Space Science Symposium.

The Planetary Report • February/March 1981

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