The Planetary Report is the internationally recognized flagship magazine of The Planetary Society, featuring lively articles and full-color photos to provide comprehensive coverage of discoveries on Earth and other planets.

This quarterly magazine reaches members of The Planetary Society all over the world, with news about planetary missions, spacefaring nations, intrepid explorers, planetary science controversies and the latest findings in humankind's exploration of the solar system.

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Download a subject index to the first 20 years of The Planetary Report (1980-2001)

Past Issues of The Planetary Report

Where Life Began

Total Immersion in the Heavens, by Casey Dreier; Flying by Home (OSIRIS-REx), by Vicky Hamilton; The Making of Life, by Michael L. Wong; updates on Lightsail 2 and Spacecraft Earth.

Return to Mercury

Voyage to Mercury (BepiColombo), by Elsa Montagnon; Farside Landing and Nearside Sample Return (Chang'e-4 and -5), by Long Xiao; Chandrayaan-2, by Sriram Bhiravarasu; updates on Lightsail 2, PlanetVac, and Australian space initiatives.

Smarter Robots

Automating Science on Mars, by Raymond Francis and Tara Estlin; Instagram Adventure, by Andy De Fonseca; Precious Dust, by Keiko Nakamura-Messenger; Our Community Engaged, by Richard Chute; Integrated and Delivered, by Bruce Betts; Where Are All the Samples? by Casey Dreier

Mars as an Exoplanet

Through MAVEN's Eyes, by Bruce Jakosky and David Brain; Vital Support, by Kate Howells; Beyond Neptune, by Michele Bannister; #SpaceHaiku; Defend and Sample! by Bruce Betts; Op Ed: Why We Created the Planetary Science Caucus, by John Culberson and Derek Kilmer

The Year in Pictures

The Year in Pictures, by Emily Lakdawalla; Is There Anybody Out There? by Jason Davis; There Goes the Sun, by Whitney Pratz; Closeout! by Bruce Betts; The More Things Seemed to Change... by Casey Dreier

Farewell, Cassini

The Seasonal Giant, by Leigh Fletcher; Saturn's Rings, by Luke Dones; Titan's Atmosphere, by Sarah Hörst; Titan's Surface, by Elizabeth Turtle; The Source of Saturn's E Ring, by Candice Hansen-Koharcheck; The Moons of Saturn, by Emily Lakdawalla; With Cassini Gone, Now What? by Casey Dreier

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