The Planetary Report is the internationally recognized flagship magazine of The Planetary Society, featuring lively articles and full-color photos to provide comprehensive coverage of discoveries on Earth and other planets.

This quarterly magazine reaches members of The Planetary Society all over the world, with news about planetary missions, spacefaring nations, intrepid explorers, planetary science controversies and the latest findings in humankind's exploration of the solar system.

The Planetary Report is made possible by the generosity of Planetary Society members. If you're not already a member, please join today!

Download a subject index to the first 20 years of The Planetary Report (1980-2001)

Past Issues of The Planetary Report

The Planetary Report®
Ocean Worlds

Exploring the watery planets and moons of our cosmic neighborhood.

The Planetary Report®
The Year in Pictures: 2021 in Perfect Focus

Visual postcards from a big year in planetary science.

The Planetary Report®
Ready for launch

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is set to revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos.

The Planetary Report®
The Planetary Defense Issue

Asteroids have been hitting Earth for billions of years. It's time to hit back.

The Planetary Report®
The Venus Issue

Is there life in Venus' clouds? Or will a new discovery only add to a long list of false hopes?

The Planetary Report®
The Year in Pictures

The December Solstice 2020 edition of our member magazine showcases the year's best images.

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