Planetary Radio • Nov 03, 2017

Space Policy Edition #18: Jim Bridenstine vs. the Senate and First Meeting of the National Space Council

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On This Episode

Jason callahan

Jason Callahan

Former Space Policy Advisor for The Planetary Society

Casey dreier tps mars

Casey Dreier

Chief of Space Policy for The Planetary Society

Kaplan mat headshot 0114a print

Mat Kaplan

Senior Communications Adviser and former Host of Planetary Radio for The Planetary Society

The likely next Administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, appeared before a somewhat skeptical Senate committee to defend his nomination. Casey and Jason recap the hearing and assess Congressman Bridenstine’s chance of moving forward. We also analyze the first meeting of the National Space Council and Vice President Pence's declaration that Americans will return to the Moon. What does that mean for existing NASA programs and funding? What role will commercial companies play?

Jim Bridenstine at his nomination hearing
Jim Bridenstine at his nomination hearing Jim Bridenstine speaks at his NASA administrator nomination hearing on November 1, 2017Image: NASA / Joel Kowsky

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