Planetary Radio • Sep 02, 2013

Remembering Bruce Murray

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Bruce betts portrait hq library

Bruce Betts

Chief Scientist / LightSail Program Manager for The Planetary Society

Friedman louis print

Louis D. Friedman

Co-Founder and Executive Director Emeritus for The Planetary Society

The passing of Planetary Society co-founder and former JPL Director Bruce Murray has been marked around the world.  Planetary Radio takes its turn with this special tribute, featuring stories about Dr. Murray from Planetary Society Executive Director Emeritus Louis Friedman, Director of Projects and former student of Dr. Murray Bruce Betts, along with special commentary from Bill Nye and Emily Lakdawalla.  You’ll also hear excerpts from two of the “Admiral of the Solar System’s” appearances on Planetary Radio.

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What is Dr. Bruce Murray's middle name?

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Who was the first person to Tweet from space?

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Question from the week before:
In what galaxy did a supernova appear this year?

Well, one that appeared in late July is SN 2013ej, still visible in Messier 74.