Planetary Radio • Jun 02, 2015

Chris Carberry and Getting Humans to Mars

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Chris Carberry

CEO and Co-Founder for Explore Mars

Explore Mars revealed the 2015 Humans to Mars Report at a recent conference in Washington. CEO Chris Carberry gives us a quick tour of this inspiring assessment of what it will take to get more than robots to the Red Planet. Emily Lakdawalla updates work on several missions now in space, and several more that will be there soon. LightSail embedded reporter Jason Davis tells us what to expect as the little solar sail prepares to deploy its wings. How is LightSail like the Mona Lisa, a Borg cube, bacon and the human gut? Find out in What’s Up.

Humans at Work on Mars
Humans at Work on Mars In this artist's concept, an astronaut gathers samples on the surface of Mars, while a robotic explorer stands by to help.Image: NASA

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This week's question:

Soviet Alexei Leonov performed the first spacewalk (extravehicular activity). Out of all spacewalks, what number, in chronological order, was the next Soviet spacewalk?

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Last week's question:

How many Atlas 5 launches took place in 2014?


The answer will be revealed next week.

Question from the week before:

Give us a great analogy for the 32-square meter LightSail sail. Prizes will be awarded for the most instructive comparison that provides a great feel for how big it is, and separately for the funniest analogy.


Listen to the show to hear a lot of wonderful and hilarious analogies for the deployed area of LightSail.