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Yuri's Night - Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, United States

For many years you have been part of an elite team of bipedal hominids as crew of our beautiful, incredibly complex Spaceship Earth®. Flying at over 490,000 MPH around the galactic center, she offers incredible views of our celestial neighbors, provides us with water and energy and can operate for millennia. It's time to celebrate. Yuri's Night L.A. will be filled with dancing, drinks, art, costumes, and all things space. You might bump into an astronaut, a rocket scientist or Mars rover mission controller at the party... You start at the pre-party to meet your crewmates, then listen to two veteran space explorers share their experiences first hand, then we bring the lights down for you to take your own epic journey. DJs will be spinning until midnight and we will be dancing under the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion celebrating space, art and the power to bring us all together here on Spaceship Earth. Don't miss your chance to see one of the original Apollo astronauts! Rusty Schweickart flew on Apollo 9 in 1969 and performed an EVA in low earth orbit to test the lunar portable life support backpack while crewmates James McDivitt and David Scott waited inside the capsule. During the height of the Cold War, in 1985, he founded the Association of Space Explorers with Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, a professional organization of Cosmonauts and Astronauts (Leonov's Apollo-Soyuz Capsule is on display to the right of the escalators in the California Science Center!). In 2002, Rusty also co-founded the B612 Foundation, dedicated to protecting humanity from Earth-crossing asteroids. Rusty is an extraordinary visionary and space advocate and the original "sensing mechanism for humanity." Private Space Explorer Anousheh Ansari Born in Iran, Anousheh immigrated to the United States as a teenager, became as electrical engineer and then the CEO of TTI. After selling TTI, the Ansari Family put up the money to enable the $10M X Prize to be fully funded and then won by Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne in 2004. Anousheh then went on to begin training in Russia to fly on the Soyuz and fulfill her lifelong dream of reaching the stars. Training as a back-up crew member, she was moved to Prime Crew three weeks before her flight! She is the first female private space explorer, having spent eight days on the International Space Station in 2006 (plus two days getting there in a Soyuz). Anousheh is an ambassador for space, and is passionate about people "being the change" and following their dreams. Serial Space Entrepreneur Peter Diamandis 11-11-15_Peter-Diamandis-16.jpg Peter is the founder of X Prize, International Space University, SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space), Space Generation, Space Adventures, Planetary Resources, Singularity University, Human Longevity Inc, Abundance 360 and Zero Gravity Corp. If you have never seen him speak you are in for a treat. He is a passionate space entrepreneur, a highly sought keynote speaker, the New York Times Best Selling author of Bold and Abundance and is featured in the New York Times Best Seller "How to Make a Spaceship" written by Julian Guthrie who will also be on hand at Yuri's Night L.A. to sign them! Be sure to find their special breakout talk on the book during the Pre-party! Plus Special Star Trek Guests Walter Koenig & Chase Masterson Walter Koenig.jpg Chase_Masterson.jpg Best known for his role as Anton Chekov in the original Star Trek series, Walter Koenig still delights fans with roles in Renegades & Star Trek: Captain Pike. Chase Masterson played Leeta on Deep Space Nine. She is also the creator of Pop Culture Hero Coalition a non-profit that uses the power of pop culture stories and heroes to end bullying and show kids they are not alone. Like Gene Roddenberry's vision for a united earth, Yuri's Night is committed to using space to bring the world together. We are honored to host Walter Koenig, who helped humanize people on the other side of the ideological divide of the Cold War and Chase Masterson who is working to show we are all in this together. And Our MC: Comedian Gray Bright Gray Bright will be our charming Australian MC for the evening. He is a comedian, engineer and the host of The Tomorrow Show, a Late Night Talk Show focused on Science and Technology. Gray sits down with some of the biggest names from the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (“STEAM”) and conducts a thought provoking and entertaining interview. In addition to the interviews, each episode opens with a comedic monologue drawing on current news and events in the STEAM space, includes punctuating comedy pieces centered on STEAM concepts and ends with a live musical performance. Gray also hosts a series of fun, science and space video posts on his YouTube channel that are sure to bring a smile and was also recently featured on America's Greatest Makers. ALL TICKET HOLDERS ARE INVITED TO JOIN US IN LISTENING TO ANOUSHEH AND RUSTY. We also will again have access to all the Ecosystems Exhibits which includes the Kelp Forest Aquarium and Mission 26: Endeavour Story. NEW FOR THIS YEAR: We will also have access to the Apollo-Soyuz Capsule and all the 2nd floor exhibits, SO BE SURE TO CHECK THEM OUT! Interactives Come and get your Spaceship Earth crew photo in front of the Space Shuttle and get a hard copy you can take home with you to adorn your office wall... Bella Gaia's Rhiannon will be on hand to give people a full VR headset immersion experience of their musical tour of Spaceship Earth from space. Don't miss their live performance at Caltech April 15th! ISS Above will be there showing you how to build your own wearable ISS flyover reminder. Vortex Media is bringing their interactive floor projection and projecting awesome space imagery. We will also have other artists on hand to share their craft with you. It will be EPIC! LaunchPad Pre-Party The LaunchPad Pre-Party held at the California Science Center from 6:00-7:00pm, which will include access to their Humans in Space exhibition (to the right at the top of the escalator). It includes the Apollo-Soyuz Capsule, the Gemini 11 Capsule and an Apollo 16 lunar EVA suit. We will also have book signings, Ambassador LaunchPad Talks, live artists or you can just grab a drink with your friends in the lobby. The LaunchPad Pre-Party will have something for everyone. LAUNCH PAD TALKS- ROOM 1 - KELP FOREST AQUARIUM Wasfia Nazreen will be sharing about her experience climbing Mt. Everest as an analogue for spaceflight Amanda Ravenhill will we talking about Buckminster Fuller's vision for Spaceship Earth. LAUNCH PAD TALKS-ROOM 2- MISSION 26: ENDEAVOUR TOGETHER EXHIBIT (SECOND FLOOR) Bryan Gardner will be talking about Your Role in Human Spaceflight Julian Guthrie and Peter Diamandis will be talking about the book How To Make a Spaceship. *Books will be for sale at the event. Dancing Under the Space Shuttle The evening culminates with an epic dance party under the Space Shuttle Endeavour and around other parts of the museum! There will be music all night provided by DJ Dynamix & friends. We'll be bringing you sick space beats until midnight. It is a unique opportunity to party under a national treasure. Don't forget to dress up, costumes are encouraged! Music of #YNLA17 Astronautica Astronautica DJ Dynamix DJ Dynamix Tony Quattro Tony Quattro Susanne Strong Susanne Strong Charles Meyer Charles Meyer Malcolm Brown Malcolm Brown ShanLynn ShanLynn wp-be-human-2015-logo.png Space Ambassadors Yuri's Night Ambassadors will be at the event in their dashing blue sashes! Please go up to them throughout the night and ask your favorite space questions! Konstantin Batygin:: Assistant Professor of Planetary Sciences, Caltech; Discoverer of Planet 9 Ariel Waldman:: Author of "What's It Like In Space? Stories from Astronauts Who've Been There" and Global Director of Science Hack Day Wasfia Nazreen:: 1st Bangladeshi to climb the Seven Summits, Nat Geo Adventurer and Explorer, working with astronauts to train politicians Shah Selbe:: Propulsion Engineer, Environmental Technologist, Conservationist, Nat Geo Emerging Explorer Mike Mongo:: Author of "The Astronaut's Instruction Manual," Co-founder of OBEY Lauren Lyons:: Local aerospace engineer extraordinaire Bryan Gardner:: Founder of Orbital Capital; Spacecraft Engineer; Mountaineer; Author of “Hired Minds” Philip Lubin:: Professor of Physics at UC Santa Barbara - Developer of Starlight - NASA Directed Energy Interstellar Program Laura Danly:: Astronomer and Curator at the Griffith Observatory Amanda Ravenhill:: Executive Director of the Julian Guthrie:: Author of How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight. Tim Dodd:: The Everyday Astronaut will be joining us to share his adventures and misadventures on the Space Coast and beyond...

Note: This event is not sponsored by The Planetary Society. The Society has no control over, or responsibility for, the content or operation of events sponsored by other organizations. All inquires should be directed to Ocean McIntyre.


Yuri's Night - Los Angeles
April 8, 2017, 6pm - 12am PT
California Science Center - Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavor Pavilion
700 Exposition Park Dr
Los Angeles, California 90037

United States
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The world wide space party comes to the California Science Center once again. Come party under the Endeavor Space Shuttle with astronauts, space and science professionals, and enthusiasts of all ages!
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