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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2016

My Love Affair With Space

Space Sci-Fi opened my eyes to the realities of space and space travel.

Making the best of it

I got lucky, finding an advantage in what looked like a bad situation.

My Dad, my brother and the stars

Dad taught us to look up, my brother made our first telescope and I was hooked on the stars.

Lights over Keflavik

My first time seeing the aurora borealis.

I just can't help staring upwards

One night I was talking about the Civil War... then it got really celestial.

I fell in love with space, because of Spock

I love space and the idea, that there is life out there, because of Gene Roddenberry´s visions.

Born in 1950

How I came to love astronomy

Black Holes and Stunning TV Illustrations

As a newcomer, I was immediately enamored with Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos, now I'm a lifer!

This is Our Home, but will it be Our Only Home?

My love of space started with a children's book, and I am still fascinated with interstellar travel.

On a Tuesday in February

John Glenn's flight captured my imagination forever.

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Bill Nye and people
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