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Emily LakdawallaAugust 16, 2013

Dwarf planet, wassup?

I got a sneak preview of this video at the Pluto Science Conference a few weeks ago. When we were told we would be shown a rap by fifth graders about Pluto, we were, I must admit, skeptical. This turned out to be so much more awesome than I could've imagined. It got a lengthy ovation.

Well done, fifth graders of Kipp Heartwood Academy! You really captured the essence of the arguments about Pluto's status. In adorable rap form.

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The kids had some messages for the collected Pluto scientists, which we also loved.

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Be sure not to miss the related rap battle, in which Rosalind Franklin delivers a smackdown to Watson and Crick...

And for more on what the scientists were actually talking about at that Pluto science conference:

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