Kate HowellsNov 04, 2019

What Are Your Space Life Goals?

What experiences made you the space enthusiast you are today?

The Planetary Society is a community brought together by a shared passion for space exploration. That passion was fueled by inspiring experiences. 

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What Are Your Space Life Goals? What would you put on your ultimate list of space goals? Submit your ideas and help build the ultimate space life list at https://www.planetary.org/spacegoals

Whether you’re just beginning to discover the universe or have a lifetime’s worth of space memories behind you, we want to hear from you.

When I was a kid and got my first look through a telescope, I saw Saturn with its rings and couldn’t believe my eyes. From then on, I continued pursuing space adventures. I visited planetariums, went to public lectures, read books, watched documentaries. I road-tripped to the Arizona meteor crater and saw with my own eyes how dramatic impacts can be. Last year I was lucky enough to witness a launch and to feel the power and grace of the rocket as it left our planet. Throughout my life, these experiences have deepened my appreciation for space. 

Like me, you have done things that have inspired you to learn about other worlds, to gain deeper insight into our place in the cosmos, and to advocate with a community of space supporters to make more exploration happen.

The Beauty of a Rocket Launch
The Beauty of a Rocket Launch Image: The Planetary Society

Between now and 31 January 2020, send us your creative ideas for ways to experience space. Tell us the space-related things that you’ve done or want to do, whether in your backyard, online, or out on an adventure. You’ll be collaborating with space supporters around the world to build a collection of space goals that everyone can pursue, wherever they live. 

By sharing your ideas you can do your part to spark a passion for space in someone new, help space fans like you grow their interest, and find new ways for yourself to experience the passion, beauty, and joy of space. 

Go to planetary.org/spacegoals today. 

Let’s Go Beyond The Horizon

Every success in space exploration is the result of the community of space enthusiasts, like you, who believe it is important. You can help usher in the next great era of space exploration with your gift today.

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