Kate Howells head shot

Kate Howells

Communications Strategy & Canadian Space Policy Adviser, The Planetary Society

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In her role as Communications Strategist, Kate works to engage The Planetary Society's myriad audiences in the adventure of space exploration. 

Kate provides tools, training, and other resources to help ordinary people share space with their communities, and connects Planetary Society members with opportunities to get involved in advancing exploration. She also writes for The Planetary Report and planetary.org on a variety of space and outreach topics. 

Based in Guelph, ON, Kate also serves as Canadian Space Policy Adviser. In this role, Kate guides The Planetary Society's positions on space policy and advocacy in Canada and connects Canadian Planetary Society members with opportunities to advocate for Canadian space science and exploration programs.

Kate also serves on the Government of Canada's Space Advisory Board and is a trusted media source for expertise and analysis of Canadian space policy. 

Kate is the author of Space Is Cool As F***, a science columnist for The Editorial Magazine, and creator, writer, and producer of the digital series Whoa. 

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