Kate Howells head shot

Kate Howells

Public Education Specialist, The Planetary Society

[email protected]


In her role as Public Education Specialist, Kate works to engage the public in the adventure of space exploration and empower people to share their knowledge with others.

Kate creates online courses, outreach tools, and other resources, and writes for The Planetary Report and planetary.org on a variety of space topics. 

Based in Guelph, ON, Kate also has a focus on sharing space with Canadian audiences, and represents The Planetary Society in the Canadian space community.

From 2017-2020 Kate served on the Government of Canada’s Space Advisory Board, and she currently serves on SEDS Canada’s Board of Advisors. Kate also works in Guelph with Royal City Science, a nonprofit group bringing science outreach to the community with the goal of establishing a local science centre. 

Kate is the author of Space Is Cool As F*** and enjoys channeling her interest in science into creative projects. 

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